Heartbreaker – Anna Brooks


A novella about a couple who fell in love at first sight. Opal was just about to have lunch with her sister Olive and her daughter Olivia when Ryan appeared. He was just arrived in town for an assignment and Olive invited him to lunch. Olivia instantly connected with Ryan and played with him. Opal and Ryan felt an instant attraction but Opal shut the attraction down because she has issues. And the fact that Ryan drives a bike made it more decisive.

Ryan is a US Marshal who gave up on love after a couple of relations gone bad. Opal has a three y/o daughter and a huge fear of falling in love again. She lost her boyfriend, Olivia’s father, in tragic circumstances while she was in labor, and she hasn’t dealt with the trauma of his loss. Even though Opal and Ryan connect, and the sex is out of this world, she still refuses to let him in. Ryan is from Chicago, doing special jobs for his boss, but stays on doing more assignments to be near Opal.

Opal has a sister and a wonderful brother-in-law who is also a US Marshall and is friends with Ryan. Opal is very close to her sister Olive and to Jay, her brother-in-law, yet at the worse time of her life, her sister was not available to her. There’s a back story here, that happened in a previous book, and is not explained here.

Ryan keeps pursuing Opal, and she gives him hot and cold signals. I really don’t know why he persisted so much and for so long, jeez. If it weren’t for the precious Olivia, I would have been rooting for him to cut away.

I have several problems with this plot. Opal was pregnant at 17 y/o and now she has 21. At first she lived with her parents, now she’s on her own. That’s way too young, and yet, this doesn’t feel like a YA novel. Her behavior, issues and all, feels like an older woman. I was surprised when I read about her age.

The death of her boyfriend was a tragedy but I didn’t sense it was enough for the trauma and all the hangups Opal’s presenting. She was very stubborn in her refusal to love Ryan, and she was getting on my nerves. I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for her.

Opal’s parents help her out with Olivia yet they don’t appear in the story as secondary characters.

This book is part of a series and although it can be read alone, I felt like it would have been better reading it in the series. I felt like the story had holes and I’m pretty sure it’s because there’s a back story contained in the other books that would complement the holes in this one. Also, since it’s a shorter than a full novel, it felt shallow. The plot in this story would have worked much better in a full-length novel. In this shortened version, I felt like it was lacking.

I liked Ryan as a character. He was a McDreamy guy. He was very protective of Opal and Olivia. Even though Opal needed help and there were some instances she should have called for help, she didn’t due to stubbornness, and in so doing, endangered her daughter. Even so, he was always there when she needed him, call him or not. I didn’t feel much for Opal and I didn’t feel much for her issues. Little Olivia was a darling and she was pretty much what made this book so charming, and the love that sprung between Olivia and Ryan.

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Baby Maker – P Dangelico


This year’s humorous books are hitting it out of the park! Another hilarious and heartfelt book about making babies and falling in love against their wishes. In this book, both characters were fantastic. I couldn’t help loving both and rooting for them to finally accept they were perfect for each other.

Stella Donovan decided, at the age of thirty-four, that she really didn’t want to get married ever, so she would go make a baby and be a single mother. She made several spreadsheets, approached it like a project and proceeded with the interviews. The problem was that she could not find a candidate. Her old boyfriend of several years back laughed her out of the phone call, the gays didn’t want her because she was too structured, and her friend Ethan said no because he’s getting married. When she explains her plans to have a co-parenting agreement because she doesn’t want a sperm bank, she wants a father for her child, Ethan suggests his friend Dane Wylder.

Dane Wylder is a retired football player, a serial dater with three rules for dating: 1) Always deliver bad news in public. This means that he always broke up with his flings in public to avoid scenes; 2) Never date a woman for longer than three months; and 3) One woman at a time, to preserve life and limb. At the moment, he’s sporting a black eye from a recent break up, he’s bored out of his mind and needs something worthwhile to do. He decided to have a baby, eschew the wife because he saw what loving his mother did to his father and he was having none of that.

The first time Stella and Dane meet is hysterically funny. Dane arrives in a Harley, acts like a superstar, signing autographs, smiling wide and bright. “He meets all the requirements for Beefcake of the Year”. When she approaches him to start their meeting, his answer was: “Sorry, Shorty. No more autographs”. Since she’s a nerd, he played the dumb jock. She’s irritated and he’s having the time of his life. Their repartee in this meeting was priceless. The meeting ends with Stella dismissing him as a father for her child and called him Foghorn Leghorn.

Needless to say, Dane doesn’t accept rejection or defeat so he pursues Stella until he gets her to agree to the contract, after he bared his soul and shared his mother’s abandonment to him and his father. Once they entered their arrangement, they get pregnant fast and the fun begins.

Dane is a complex and compelling character. I loved how we get to know him as his layers are slowly peeled off. I loved how much he trusted and liked Stella and I got a kick from seeing how she affected him so early in the game and he tried to explain it off to himself. Likewise, Stella stopped being so uptight and started sharing with him because she saw beneath the frosting to the man beneath and knew she could trust him with her wellbeing. He was so incredibly responsible and considerate! Both had parent issues, Dane with his mother’s abandonment and Stella with her father. Stella’s father abandoned them at an early age, and her mother had to work hard to raise her and her twin brother. After being so poor most of her life, she decided to work hard studying, graduated top of her class in high school and university and is top of her career at work. Right now, she’s loaded, her career is everything to her because it means stability and security. Luckily her mother and her best friend Delia keep her real. Dane and Stella both had some growing up to do.

Now, about the family. Stella’s mother is Cuban and I loved all the references about Mercedes Donovan. Loved reading about her personality because she is Latina, like me. The flinty eye look, the iron fist beneath the silk glove, that’s my mother too LOL. Stella’s best friend is a little intense and psycho, and she’s a romance novel writer. Dane’s family is the loving, supporting style of family that I love. His father is so sweet. There’s a plot twist later on that I totally loved, about Dane’s father.

What I loved most about this book was seeing Dane’s and Stella’s insecurities about each other, read how they get together even though they screamed to the skies they were never going to be involved and they weren’t each others type. All the defensiveness ended up with them together, and I loved them as a couple. They had issues to deal with, they had their fights, their families together had a great time, and as always, life intrudes to throw a wrench in the works, so we got a great book, a great couple and lots of fun reading.

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Home Run King – Stella


What a lovely, funny and emotional book this was! I loved reading it because I was laughing one moment and sad the other. Gage and Katie were a couple made in heaven!

Gage Nix is the king of the home runs. He’s a brilliant baseball player, he was also a women player until he had a serious relation with Missy. It lasted three years until she dumped him after his granny died. He was in a vortex of depression and she couldn’t deal. In his submersion of sadness, he had a fling with his granny’s nurse, and knocked her up. This book starts after all this happened and now he and Katie are dealing with the aftermath of the pregnancy.

At the beginning, I didn’t like Katie a lot. She was mad at Gabe all the time, she was surly and disagreeable but then the reader learns that she’s almost destitute. After Gabe’s granny died, she didn’t have any job prospects and her money was almost gone. She was looking for jobs with no success. I did wonder why she had no job if she was a qualified nurse, but that is explained later in the book. So it was natural that she was stressed and dealing with a guy who acts like an immature child does make you grumpy.

Gage Nix only had one person in the world who loved him completely and that was his granny. Since Katie also loved Granny so much, they had that in common. Gage’s defense against feeling unloved was to play the clown. His normal persona is a goofball, always joking and running circles around conversations. I get the feeling he suffers from ADHD because he’s easily distracted and his mind goes in all directions when he’s talking. He’s a very entertaining character. He’s also very enthusiastic about being a father and for that purpose he moved into his granny’s house, so he could be with Katie and assist her. He completely took over her life. He got a truckload of pregnancy books, read them all, and got Katie prenatal and vitamin pills, managed her diet and got rid of her favorite drug, coffee. Poor Katie didn’t have a chance against this storm because she was destitute.

Little by little, this couple started understanding each other and got attached by their common little fetus. Gage also has a best friend: a two-year old toddler Corinne, daughter of Coby his friend and former baseball teammate. It was hysterical how Gage runs to Corinne for life advice. There’s one memorable scene where they have a tea party, don sunglasses that make them invisible and have a heart-to-heart convo where Corinne dispenses advise about Gage’s love life. Priceless!!

As Gage and Katie get closer and intimate, secrets about Katie’s past come up and rock the boat. Gage shows how strong he is when he supports Katie and helps her deal. Katie handles Gage by sometimes acting like a mother, others acting like a girlfriend, and always accepting his friends, his quibbles, his crazy persona, and overall, loving his bestie Corinne and promoting that their loving relation continue. She also embraces Coby and Ellie as friends, as she needs help with medical matters when Gage is at away games. They both grow up a lot during this book, as Katie stops being so prickly and accepts help and Gage learns to open up his heart and communicate.

This is one of those book that you enjoy, not for the sex scenes but for the love that grows between the couple, with their baby in the belly, and with friends who are there at times of need. I had a great time with Gage and Katie, with Gage and Corinne, and Gage and Coby.

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# 1 Rival – T Gephart


As with the previous books, I had a great time reading this one. This author is totally hilarious. She writes real stories, with heartfelt feelings but happening together with hysterically funny situations. There’s laughter and angst and it’s a great read.

Lauren and Pierce are ENEMIES, but they work together under the same boss. They’re both lawyers, very competent and competitive. Since they are always trying to one up the other, they are always scrambling to do the best work, be the best lawyer. All this pushing has taken them to be excellent lawyers and their boss is so accustomed to their constant skirmishes that he doesn’t even take notice. He uses their competitiveness to bring out the best of them.

They are assigned one big case by their boss and they are determined to upstart the other. Something happens during this case, that things between them get more personal and I could tell that they were attracted to each other but hid it behind their competitiveness and rival hostility. Lauren kept insisting to herself that she hated, hated, Roman, intensively yet whenever he got near, she got the tingles. Likewise, when he looked at her intensely and some reactions he got when she was flirting with guys, told me he was attracted too.

Eventually, their personal lives collided with their professional lives, given their proximity in working the new client. This paved the way for them to get closer until boom! Lovers at last. Even though they were sleeping together, Lauren stayed mistrusting Pierce’s feelings and motivations and this caused many disruptions in their relation.

The book was fun, intense, and fast paced. Both characters were well-developed and complex, so it was fun to decipher them. At the beginning, the rivalry and the upmanship didn’t appeal to me, and at some time I got impatient with Lauren for stubbornly sticking to her mistrust but the plot proceeded nicely without any lagging. It was really entertaining, especially when Pierce’s family comes into play. Great reading!!

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Rock King – Tara Leigh


I love books about rock stars, so I jumped at the opportunity to review this one. It has all the things I like, troubled pasts, broken characters, angst, a lot of guilt and remorse and a gaping hole in their heart that they crave to fill with love. Yummy!

Shane Hawthorne, has a big load of baggage, but since he’s a rock star, he has Travis, his agent, who makes life easy for him. Shane’s about to embark on a world tour with his group Nothing But Trouble, and he needs a girlfriend to keep the groupies away and keep him away from the booze and drugs. It sounds more like a babysitter, but for the public, she has to look and act like a girlfriend. And Travis is the guy who gets this done. Shane has a deep belief that he’s worthless and will never find a girl who will love him for him, so he makes do with a contract girlfriend. If the girl accepts to take it to bed, so much better.

Delaney is living in Los Angeles, but not because she’s looking for a job in Tinsel Town, but to escape and hide from her past. She’s waitressing when she meets Travis and he invites her to a party at his house. I knew then where this was going.

Delaney and Shane meet at the party but it’s not a great success. Delaney’s huge bucket of guilt doesn’t let her enjoy the moment and she leaves. And Shane sees in Delaney all that he wants.

Delaney accepts the job in spite of her misgivings because it feels a little like pimping. However, she needs the money for her nephew’s medical care and Travis promised to change her father from a maximum protection jail to a minimum protection. Since Delaney’s huge source of guilt comes from her father’s imprisonment, that’s the deal breaker for her.

What follows is their love story, a very bumpy road, because of their personal baggage. It’s riveting, dramatic, and compelling. Their baggage is very similar because both broken pasts stem from driving accidents. In Shane’s case, the accident resulted in the death of his best friend Caleb, whose family accepted him into their home when his father turned abusive. His songs, his success were all dedicated to Caleb’s memory. For Delaney, her tragedy was her mother’s death at the accident and her father’s imprisonment.

It was a riveting story to read and I liked Shane a lot. He felt he was a sham, a fake person, that no one knew the real him and if they did, they would run away and abandon him. He was a great person but he needed someone to bring that person to the front. Delaney did that; however, I felt that she was sometimes too harsh and hurtful to him. There are several scenes where he wears a hurt expression from her answers to him. I didn’t find her the lovable person that Shane portrays until the second part of the book where she loses her defensive stance and turns all in to their relation. Shane is taken through the wringer in the legal system and has to face his past, people from his past and his true persona. It was like a double whammy because both had issues to overcome and both were very strong issues. Great reading!

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All We Knew – Jamie Beck


This book was fascinating! It kept me riveted until the very end. All the feels are here, elation, despair, hope, anger and desire of revenge. In the previous book, I loved Hunter and Sara, so I was very happy to read their story. It was as angsty as the previous one, with the happy addition that the characters in this one are much nicer, and the general vibe is happier with a side of angst.

Hunter and Sara have been married for fifteen years and have had a fantastic marriage. Hunter is very involved in his job as CFO of Cabot Tea and at the moment is dealing with a tense sellout attempt by his father and his second wife Jenna. A lot of his attention is diverted towards his effort to stop the sale, but at the same time, Sara is undergoing fertility treatments. She waited a long time to get pregnant because she and Hunter had decided to enjoy their marriage and when they decided to procreate, her body didn’t cooperate. For the past two years, Sara’s priority is to get pregnant. So from the get-go, we know there’s going to be conflict between these two.

As the book progresses, Hunter’s and Sara’s communication deteriorates because each is pulling to their side, they each understand that their goal has a higher priority. Sara had always been able to pull Hunter away from work and force him to participate in family stuff, but since his father and stepmother are the ones pushing to sell, there’s an all out war that is pulling the family apart.

Sara is such a beautiful character; considerate, funny, loving, generous, kind.  Hunter knew he was lucky to have her.  Hunter was intense, driven, and he loved his wife with all his being.  I loved to read about how Sara was his world.

In the middle of all the family strife, Colby, Hunter’s sister, is happy with Alec and their restaurant is enjoying success. As before, she is supporting to Hunter and sides with him in all Cabot Tea issues. She’s also very supportive to Sara and shares with her all her hopes and dreams. She’s very diplomatic and tries to help everyone. Gentry, the flighty and irresponsible younger half-sister, throws a wrench in the middle of the battle.

All the issues go in a crescendo mode, where Sara feels abandoned by her husband in her quest, her failures and her new interests, Hunter feels harassed by everyone in his family who wants something from him and he’s too stressed and busy to satisfy any demands, and he feels sort of abandoned and betrayed by his wife, who looks at all the side and sees the pros and cons. Hunter has turned obsessive towards one goal in detriment to all the other goals they had as a couple. At one time, I thought they were both being too obsessed by their personal agendas and selfish and blind to the other’s needs and desires. It was a very tense and volatile period and I just wanted something to give because the pace of the book was relentless. I got a little tired of Hunter’s controlling manner too.

I won’t comment on what happens because it would spoil the story but suffice to say that there are very intense and emotional moments. The family strife doesn’t let on for a lot of the book. Everyone had a lot of growing to do: Hunter, Sara, his father, Jenna, and Gentry. In a sudden moment of clarity, when Hunter was touching the bottom of despair, I loved how he allowed his emotion to clear the way towards Sara. I loved that throughout the whole book, the love and devotion that Hunter and Sara felt towards each other never flagged, there was never any doubt that they loved and were loved. They were just lost for a while. I totally loved this book, it was heartfelt and angsty and loving. This author writes great characters, with flaws and strengths and humanity. Can’t wait for Gentry’s book!

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Suddenly Forbidden – Ella Fields


This book hurt!! A couple who swear eternal love at the young age of 7 and 9, then are separated because of life, and when they meet again, he has moved on with the girl who used to be her best friend. It was heartbreaking!

Daisy and Quinn were friends since they were little. When they were seven and nine years old, Quinn declared that one day they would be married and live in Quinn’s family farm. As they grew up, they flowed from friends to sweethearts and to lovers. In high school, they made plans to attend the same college, where Quinn would play football and Daisy could study art. Daisy was very artsy, always sketching and even the walls of her house had drawings. She was a little naive, head in the clouds, heart on her sleeve type of girl. She was beautiful from the inside out and she never knew how compelling she was.

Then her father changed jobs and they moved away and the separation cost her all her dreams.

The book alternates in two time-frames, as Daisy and Quinn grew up and up to their separation and the time frame where Daisy starts university, where she and Quinn had made plans to attend together. They had been apart for two years, had lost contact through her parents intervention because she was too depressed, and now she’s looking forward to find him again. Except, he’s now with the girl who used to be her best friend back in their childhood days…. When Daisy arrived at the university, she kept looking for Quinn and never found him. Now she found them, she tried to stay away from them but Quinn turned up everywhere she looked.

Daisy has a roommate, Pippa, who has turned out to be a great person. Intuitive, understanding, supporting, she knows Daisy’s story and has been a great friend. Quinn is living in a house with Toby, who comes from money and his parents bought him a house. Toby has some problems that resonate with Pippa because her father also had them. There’s a second plot involving those two that was intriguing but was never resolved, so I really hope that means there will be a sequel with their story.

So, Quinn resented Daisy because he thought she had cut him off. Still, he can’t help thinking about her and his feelings drive a wedge between him and Alexis, his current girlfriend. Then he learns about Alexis involvement, Daisy’s parents involvement, all the forces that helped separate them and he has a severe conflict with his feelings. He wants to respect his girlfriend, but his feelings and his thoughts are with Daisy. And here is where I think Quinn failed spectacularly. Instead of manning up and taking a break from his girlfriend in order to have space to get his heart right, he keeps rocking between wanting Daisy and not wanting to hurt Alexis. Truthfully, I though he was a wimp. His lack of decision did end up hurting both Alexis and Daisy, a lot.

I loved the book, it had all the angst and strong feelings I love in books. It also had some cheating, which some readers might resent, but it didn’t put me off. To my way of thinking, Alexis knew that Daisy and Quinn were soul mates, Quinn belonged with Daisy and Alexis was just in the way. The cheating was not correct but it was inevitable given the strong feelings and it would have been prevented if Quinn hadn’t been such a wimp. So although I didn’t admire Quinn, I loved Daisy and Pippa and loved the story.

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The Definition of Stripped – Lia Peele


The Scarlett Trent we met at Definition of Flawed is back again, six years later. She now has a social media managing company and has been nominated for a NEBY, an award given to prominent businesswomen. She’s on her prime time and working hard at her success. One night at a strip bar with Sian, her bestie, she watches a show by the headliner Adrian and is struck by lust. He seems to single her out in the show and she feels the connection. After the show, she learns that Adrian is her old friend Dev, Paul’s son in the previous book. When she lived with Paul, she struck a close friendship with Dev, tried to help him and give him some direction in life, since Paul had done a crappy job on that. When she left Paul, Dev was more devastated than Paul himself. She had tried to keep in contact but he cut her off. Now here he is again in her life, and she grabbed at the chance to be friends again.

As they recover their friendship, they give way to the attraction they had felt before but had rejected because Scarlett was with Paul. Now they give free rein to the attraction but there are several things that stand in their way, mostly Dev’s many secrets and hangups. As they are revealed, they strike uncertainty to Scarlett’s feelings about their relationship. She deals but the hits keep coming.

I never doubted Scarlett’s and Dev’s feeling for each other. However, Scarlett’s ambition and need for a sparkling reputation could be damaged by Dev’s past. Likewise, Dev’s alternative lifestyle messes things between them. They had a lot to discuss and make over. They needed to work on their relation a lot but I felt that Dev was ambivalent. Not because he didn’t feel for Scarlett but I think he didn’t feel he deserved her. During this book we see the road they take together and although we root for them, I still felt they were on a turbulent ride. I loved their interactions although many times I didn’t understand them completely. There are idioms and expressions that felt very foreign.

Again, I didn’t feel that the book ended. There was no cliffhanger, but it doesn’t completely end with a HEA, so I guess the story continues in another book. And there was a lead in about the plot twist in next sequel.

The book was very entertaining and I loved Scarlett with Dev. They were very well-matched and their attachment was sincere. Their love scenes were very hot, with passion and love. There was love in every action, except when Dev got strange and retracted. I hope to get to know Dev better in the next books, because I feel that not all was revealed in this one. He’s a complex and compelling character. The writing was great although it got slow and dragged around the middle. Also, the idioms and expressions were a little difficult for me to understand, but I got the gist and loved the strangeness.

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Grace between Mercy – S. Ferguson


If you forget you are reading about a bunch of criminals, who kill without compunction, then this is a highly entertaining story. It reads similar to a TV show where you have a bunch of friends who gather in a bar, have drinks and joke around. Except that the owner of the bar is the owner of a criminal empire who owns the city and most of the police force and the friends gathered in the band are his employees who will kill and maim a person following his orders. One good thing about Ron, he has values and an honor system. He won’t kill an innocent, just other criminals like him who get in his way. Jeez.

Kella is a young woman who lived in the foster system, was abused and has since been on a killing spree. She sees herself as a serial killer, but again, she has morals. She only kills scum of the earth, men who prey on women or children who are in the street and have no one else to protect or avenge them.

Ron meets Kella right after she killed Lorenzo, a lowlife who abused a woman and is involved in a stake out of Ron’s business. Ron has a rival called Tony, who wants to take over some of his territory and they’re having a turf war. There’s some espionage, treason, kidnapping, and politics involved in all their dealings. Meetings have been held to avoid an all out war but peace is unlikely and Ron wants Kella to accompany him to a meeting posing as his girlfriend but acting as his bodyguard. It has to be said that Della is only twenty-one and Ron is a die-hard criminal in his late forties. Since Kella is a wild thing and only acts alone, she’s not very enthusiastic about his offer, but he strong-arms her to his bar, holds her for a while and then convinces her to work for him because she has a target on her back. So now Kella has joined the band of bandits in Ron’s bar.

The characters in the bar are a hoot. There’s a gay couple, Greg and Jake. They’re not shy demonstrating their love. Greg is nice and quiet but Jake is a little psycho. He and Della form a sort of sibling rivalry relation, with frequent offers of offing each other. Declan is Jake’s brother, he’s very good-looking, a huge god-like guy, quiet, wise and friendly. Bree is Ron’s daughter, several years older than Della, girlfriend to Declan who literally adores her. Bree grew away from Ron and was abused by her mother, unknown to Ron, and she’s now with Ron’s band of bandits. Her story is covered in another book that I want to read because these people are highly entertaining.

The book reads fast, because it’s so entertaining and there’s always something going on. However I have a problem with this story. Criminal life has been romanced. These guys are shown to be like normal people, with feelings and morals, friends and loyalty, they fall in love and want to make their loved ones happy. They have a moral code and want happily ever afters. It feels like it’s ok to be lawless and be in love. It’s like accepting something that is unacceptable. And it paints them as normal loving people with a side of killer. It doesn’t represent reality but it does entertain. However, I worry that it will make crime acceptable and romantic to readers, specially young readers. Hey, I’m a reader and I have morals too, LOL.

The romance interest in this story are Ron and Kella, who start out as enemies and end up lovers. They have a strong attraction and Ron doesn’t want to act on it to protect Kella because anyone who is close and important to Ron will have a target on their backs and will make him too vulnerable. Plus make his life difficult, trying to protect them. He has enough worrying with Bree. Kella has always had a dream of belonging and having a family, although she believes that her fate will be to be alone, no mercy and no grace. There’s some yummy sex scenes because apart from being a criminal, Ron is also a sex god. I tell you, this book is highly entertaining, it has everything you will want in a love story and more, except surprise pregnancies. Fun!

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The Wrong Kind of Love – Lexi Ryan


A little convoluted story of twin sisters swapping places, but in this instance, its a lot more serious. Nic (short for Nicole) was supposed to marry Marcus and her identical twin sister Veronica was supposed to be her maid of honor. Nic was having cold feet because she had a feeling that Marcus had something going on, probably another woman. Imagine everyone’s surprise when her identical twin sister throws up just when the ceremony is about to start and everyone learns she’s pregnant with the groom’s baby. Not surprisingly, the bride left the town running.

In her rush, Nicole took her sister’s handbag and when she got to the airport, thinking to take her honeymoon trip alone, she had to take her sister’s planned trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Problem: her clothes were meant for a trip to the Bahamas.

When Nic arrives at Grand Rapids, she hits the bar and starts drinking. She’s way woozy when she meets this gorgeous hunk who rescues her from a douchebag. They leave together and get to second base at her hotel room but he gets a phone call and has to leave.

Next day, Nic meets with the lady who hired Veronica (the evil identical twin) to act as nanny to a six-year old girl whose father is a OBGYN and has crazy hours. They agree that she should take the job regardless, but hide the little fact that she’s not the original hired nanny. Another twin swap! Once Nic reports to work she gets a big shock: her mysterious stranger from the previous night is her new boss and the little girl’s father. There goes the hope for more sexy times!

Ethan is a widower. His wife dies three years ago and he’s been living under a grey cloud since then. He won’t discuss the circumstances of his wife’s death but he’s bitter and sad. Little by little Nic brings him to laughter and smiles but he keeps his distance because she’s his employee. Until he can’t resist anymore…

Nic has a long track record of bad love decisions and in this case she has no idea what’s the right course of action. However, the attraction is strong but what holds her back is the lie she’s living. Ethan wants to hold off because she’s his employee but he also has a hard time resisting the attraction. Really, this couple is made for each other, even more so because Lily, Ethan’s little girl, got attached to Nic. Having Ethan and Lily in her life is what Nic had been dreaming for all her life.

As secrets are discovered, their family life is made strife. Ethan’s brothers and one sister provide comic relief and background support for this story. There’s a plot line regarding Ethan’s mother who has cancer and is getting treatment in Europe, secretly from her children and only Nic knows. There’s a lot of secrets going around. The author did a great job working all the characters in the story and preparing the way for the next books about the other Jackson brothers. A lot of the book is predictable but it was a fun read and I’m looking forward to more fun times with the Jackson brothers.

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