Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) by Siobhan Davis


Four of five stars!

Another ride on the roller coaster that comprises the Kennedy family saga! The action starts immediately I started the book and I had a little problem remembering all the plot lines from previous books, but I got right in line with the action very fast. As with previous books, the pace is fast, the plot is intense and there are many things happening at once. We still have Addison and Courtney aggravating the family with their take hold agenda, Tyler’s surprise father twists our heart, Brad is dealing with his unrequited love, and the Alex/James skirmish goes into critical flash point. I had to take breaks from reading, it was so intense and complicated. But I was happy that for once, Faye and Tyler were working as a team, their love secure and committed, and this one book was more like a suspense story, trying to unravel all the mysteries and problems that came to a head in this book. By the end of the story my blood pressure was high, wanting everything to get resolved. And the best thing? There was humor and funny scenes in the story that gave much-needed enjoyment. The author sent this ARC and I offered to review it willingly, and quite happily indeed. Great reading!

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