Whatever After – EM Tippetts


Five of five stars!

I love this writer and have been following this series since it began.  It’s one of my fave genres, famous movie star, and in this case, he’s a lovey and she’s just my type, nerdy with a snarky sense of humor and a huge heart.  Chloe comes from a poor childhood that was filled with violence.  This is best described in the previous books, but her mother was her father’s mistress.  He was married with two children.  Her half-brother tried to kill her when she was a child and was arrested. He appears in past books doing more misdeeds and has returned to jail.  In previous books, she developed a relationship with her half-sister Beth and now they are best friends.  Her sister is an assistant DA.  Jason was friends with the Winters children during adolescence and that is how he recognized Chloe because she’s looks a lot like Beth.  He chose her as an extra on his film, he acted like an entitled jerk, she told him off, and he fell in love LOL.  The first books were lovely because they show how their love grew; he was a famous Hollywood actor but had issues with his fame, he had doubts that his work was worthwhile or had a purpose.  Chloe, on the other hand, was studying to be a Forensics scientist, wanting to help other crime victims like she was.  Jason thought her work was more worthy than his.  This is a feeling that you still see in this book, but Chloe has helped Jason a lot in developing a sense of worth in his work.

In this book, the plot centers around Lori’s wedding.  Lori is Chloe’s best friend and former college roommate.  They also lived together after college until Chloe married Jason.  Chris, Chloe’s half-brother, is out of jail and seen stalking Lori.  Chloe was at the moment seven months pregnant with her first child with Jason, and was accompanying him on set in Iceland, freezing her butt off.  When Lori calls and informs the scary news, Chloe decides to travel and help Lori cope.  Jason stays behind to finish the movie, but encourages Chloe to help her friend.  With their security entourage, Chloe’s brilliant mind, Jason’s assistance from afar, and Beth’s ferocity, they all get together to tackle the problem.  Detective Baca, the officer who rescued Chloe when she was a child and has remained a constant in her life, helping her when she worked in Forensics, joins her security entourage, together with Brad, who used to be a paparazzo that stalked her.  Such is Chloe’s personality that she gathers friends and brings them into her circle.

The book is not very suspenseful, more like a CSI-type of novel, where they analyze data, interview people, protect friends and live life as full as they can.  It’s funny, sweet, not predictable at all, fun to follow and full of great characters that you would love to meet.

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