The Player – Denise Grover Swank


When I started the book and realized this was Blair’s book, I was worried that it would be about this aggravating, hard-ass woman. Instead I was surprised that Blair was almost accommodating with her own wedding planning. Blair is getting married to her boyfriend of two years, Neil. This is not a love match, because Blair has decided that love has no place in marriage. It should be the union of two compatible persons with a common purpose. It also happens to be right before her thirtieth birthday. Megan, Blair and Libby, who have been best friends since little girls, were cursed by a gypsy that they would be married before they were thirty, their wedding would be a disaster and they would marry a different man, not their fiancée. So far, the curse had worked for Megan and she had her HEA. So Blair was worrying but not accepting it, and she was also pining for her college boyfriend, with whom she had an ugly breakup.

Meanwhile, in California, Garret Lowry is also pining for the girl who got away. A divorce lawyer, like Blair, he leaves for Kansas City to substitute a colleague in a divorce deposition. Due to weather, he’s stranded in Arizona and who but Blair also happens to be stranded there, too. Blair got drunk due to pre-wedding jitters and meeting Garrett. While drunk, she accepts that she misses Garret too.

Fast forward to next day, Blair goes to her next divorce deposition, and surprise!, Garret is the opposing counsel. Due to the night they stayed together (just sleeping!), Garret is positive that he can make her see that they have a chance. But Blair is stubborn, has issues about trusting a guy, so Garret has a fight before him. Luckily, he has Megan and Libby as sidekicks, aiding and abetting.

In this book there is another horrible woman, this time, Neil’s mother, Blair’s future mom-in-law. She’s even worse than Megan’s mother in the previous book LOL. I started to fear this may be a pattern in this series, and I just happily hated her as much as I did Megan’s mom.  There are some historically funny scenes with this woman, so she was a comic relief. There’s another old lady, this time Garret’s granny, who is controlling and authoritative. When she meets Megan’s mom, I got a feeling of double trouble and it was!! All in all, a lovely story, some angst, some steam, a lot of growing up by Blair and Garret, and a little bit of suspense. Neil is not what you think he is at the beginning of the book, which was a wishy-washy guy.


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