The Substitute – Denise Grover Swank


It was a good story, good characters, slow pace. The premise was a little unbelievable. Megan is on a flight to Kansas City to confront her family. She is supposed to be married in 3 days, but she broke up with her fiancée 6 weeks ago and didn’t dare tell her mother. Her mother is throwing out the windows in this marriage reception and she is so overbearing and dictatorial that Megan doesn’t dare stand up to her. At the beginning of the book, she’s taken some Dramamine for the dizziness and two drinks for liquid courage.

Next to her sits Josh McMillan, who had a patent pending for some special part in wind turbines that marked the success of the company he inherited from his father. Unfortunately, someone stole the plans from his brother and another company won the patent for the same part. Now he’s on his way to Kansas City to investigate or confront the other company and get his patent back or his company will dissolve.

When the plane arrives, the drugs and liquor work on Megan and she’s unconscious. Josh carries her out of the plane and tells people he’s her fiancée so they don’t think he’s kidnapping her. He confronts her family and two things happen: they think he’s the groom and he learns that Megan’s father is one of the principals of the company that stole his plans.

The part with no credibility for me is that Megan accepts Josh’s impersonation of the groom and accepts his reasons for doing so. Thus starts a charade and a quest for the information that will solve Josh’s problem. Secondary characters add a lot of color to the story: Megan’s two best friends who act as good cop/bad cop, Megan’s big brother who carries guilt for not acting before against the jerk groom, the unorthodox granny who loves to practice naked yoga, the nazi mother-of-the-bridezilla, and the colorless father. The book is entertaining, the story moves forward at a good pace, there are frustrating and irritating moments (mostly involving Blair) and hilarious moments (mostly granny).

What made the book a little tiresome is the constant nagging/harping/aggravation of all characters against Megan. Even with Josh’s having her back, it made me sick and tired of everyone picking on Megan.

For chick lit, this was an entertaining book.

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