Arm Candy – Jessica Lemmon


Something funny happened with this book.  I loved the story and loved the characters, but the reading was excruciatingly slow.  The author’s writing style had a slow pace and at times I needed a break and go do some housework.  I always came back because the characters were that compelling.  Grace is a beer mistress at McGreevy’s Pub.  From the story, I guess it means that she’s a bartender with many years of experience and is also one of the bar’s managers.  We learn early that she has a college degree, but it’s gathering dust in the recesses of her closet.  Davis is one of the bar regulars, so much that he has claimed one of the bar seats as his regular seat, and one of the bar’s TV’s is always set to CNN just for him.  He’s a financial analyst who works from home, and always dresses in a suit, even to work at his home office.  As he says:  “If you dress like a slob, the guy on the other end of the phone or email can sense it.  I didn’t get to the top of my company by being perceived as lazy.  Would you give me your millions if I slouched into my office in Superman pajama pants?”  This sort of tells you what kind of man he is.  Oh, and he works strictly 8 am to 5 pm.  After that, it’s bar time, or poker time, or dinner out time.

Of course, both characters have issues from the past.  In Grace’s case, her parents had a horrible marriage and she grew up among screaming fights, a disastrous divorce, has a workaholic lawyer mom and a dad who disappeared from her life.  He leaves her gifts at the door about once a year, but doesn’t face her.  Commitment issues?

Davis has commitment issues also, from something that happened six years ago.  He deals with them by dating only blondes, and offering three types of packages.  The extension of the fling depends on the type of package taken.  Once the package services are done, the fling is done and no repeats.  Needless to say, Grace sneers at Davis’ manwhorish ways and one day she makes a bet about him dating a woman who is not a blonde.  When she offers a premium if he chooses a redhead, he invites her out and offers one of his packages. And thus their love story begins.

Since they both have commitment issues, they have a strong attraction and fight it.  I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t enter into details, but suffice to say that once you get after the initial chapters, you get involved with the book and invested in the characters.  They help each other through some situations, have set backs, and slowly and kicking fall into love.  It was entertaining and sweet, and I loved the ending.

I received this ARC from Net Galley and willingly submitted this review.

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