Tied Down – Vanessa Waltz


The author kindly sent me an ARC and I willingly read it for an honest review.  I had read a previous book by this author and loved it, The Mechanic.  Reading this book, I realized that she writes great male characters.  They aren’t powerful guys, rich or famous, but your regular guy who faces difficult situations with bravery.  In this case, Bastien is the new guy in a Mafia family.  He has been in the Romano family for six months, and was just assigned to keep watch over the boss’ daughter.  In the opening scene, the boss’ daughter, Eva, is in a bar getting drunk and sending Bastien lusty looks.  He kept saying to himself: boss’ daughter, be polite.  But she was too much for him.  End of story, the boss found them making up in front of the house and asked Bastien to marry her.  So she won’t be alone when he dies.

Eva had just lost her fiancée to a shooting.  She was desolate, not because he was the love of her life but because it was her last chance to marry and have children.  At thirty-three, her career tossed aside to take care of her father who had terminal cancer, all she cared about was raising a family.  She hated her father’s business but didn’t see a way out.  She started to unfollow her married friends in Facebook and ended with only ads. She lusted after Bastien, but felt despair because as she says: “What’s the point? You all die anyway.”

So, even thought she didn’t love him, she married him because there was nothing else to do.  He promised her a baby, so that was all she cared about.  For Bastien, he married her because he had to.  But he wasn’t all that he appeared, so for him, it was very complicated. Once they had each other, when they connected, then the stakes got high and the game dangerous.

I liked the story and the characters, especially Bastien.  What turned me off a little was the criminal aspects of the story and the very grey walls between what was right and wrong.  Also there were some parts that didn’t feel real to me.  Bastien got into some situations that I didn’t think he could get out alive, but he did.  Not because he was strong but pure sheer luck.  I did like his devotion to protect Eva, and how he fought against the darkness that tried to possess him in this Mafia world.  It was interesting, it took up speed and suspense, and I enjoyed it, once I got over the nasty aspects of the Mafia.


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