Royal Pain – Tracy Wolff


I got this ARC from Net Galley.  When I requested the book, I was expecting to read a light-hearted book about a playboy prince and his escapades.  And the first chapter was exactly that.  He’s having fun in a yacht with two models and being very generous with his attentions to both.  Prince Kian of Wildemar is the spare prince. His twin, older by seven minutes, is the Crown Prince and heir to the throne.  So Kian has all the power and all the fun of being a royal, while his brother Garrett has all the duties.  Hmm, this reminds me of Prince William and Prince Harry and some naughty photos taken of Harry in Las Vegas haha. Until one day, the Crown Prince is kidnapped, and Kian has to fly back to his country and his palace and perform as the substitute Crown Prince until his brother is found.

Once back in palace, the piranhas are upon him and he’s cornered, especially by old women who want him for their daughters.  All of a sudden, a waitress arrives and very conveniently “tilts” a tray full of champagne glasses on his shirt front and all the piranhas step back.  Then she takes him to a stock room “to fix the disaster” and they have a great little while drinking whiskey with club soda and chattering.  She escapes after, like she was Cinderella, but since he was a crafty Prince with all his royal powers, he finds her soon.  Turns out, she likes him but she has a secret past that she doesn’t want to share, and she doesn’t want to get involved.  She also doesn’t want to be the Pauper to his Prince, or the Cinderella to his Prince, etc.  So he has to really work to get the girl, while he joins forces with the throne investigators to find where his brother is being kept.

Savannah, or Savvy for short, is a world wanderer.  She has been in Wildemar before, left to study college in the United States, then travelled around for six months, and is now settled in Wildemar again, working as a bartender and writing books at her little cottage.  She promptly wins over Kian’s bodyguards like she won Kian, by being kind-hearted, warm and charming.  Also she bakes great cookies.

This book has all the great feels of a playboy finding a woman he likes being with, not just for the sex, but for the company and conversation.  He has to work because she’s not avid or clingy like his previous models.  She’s also averse to being kept as the prince’s “little secret”.

Poor Kian has his hands cull, dealing with Savvy, facing his inner wishes, his responsabilities, and solving the mystery of where his brother is being held and arranging for rescue. Later on, Savvy’s secret will come out and a whole new game has to be played.  This story had a great pace, great characters, great writing. I already pre-ordered the sequel that tells the story pf Garret, the Crown Prince.

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