The Matchmaker’s Playbook – Rachel Van Dyken


This is one of the books that will be made into a movie by Passion Flix.  This is a new movie company, similar to Netflix, but dedicated exclusively to romance books.  They already finished one movie that is supposed to air next November and they have a great list of books to make into movies.  The Matchmaker’s books are in the list, so I decided to read them to see what they are about.  This one book didn’t disappoint at all.  First, the books are animated.  You get photos of a cute guy winking and making faces at you.  If they’re in a coffee shop, you see the stain of the coffee cup on the mantel. There are kisses, fights, hugs.  It was very entertaining!  Plus, the plot.  Funny and angsty at the same time.

Ian is the mastermind behind Wingmans Inc. He has a partner in crime, called Lex ( the Luthor to Ian’s Superman ego LOL). Lex is in charge of scheduling, programing, and teaching girls how to kiss, that’s how good their service is. They’re hired by girls who are somewhat insecure and can’t find a way to catch the guy they want.  Ian then takes her through the paces of how to read a guy, how to flirt and catch the guy, meanwhile escorting the girls around campus acting as her boyfriend.  According to a playbook they have, they train the girls how to act in different situations and incite the jealousy of the mark (guy who the girl wants).  It’s a very secret company, everyone is sworn to secrecy and they have a high level of success which means a lot of money.

Ian has a huge ego, was “the player” when he was a football player in the NFL until he was injured, and there hasn’t been a girl he can’t get.  Until Blake…

They had a rule to never get involved with a client.  Blake came on as a client.  And Ian toppled from that high pedestal like he was ripe fruit.  There were a lot of funny situations due to all the inter-relations in the book.  Gaby is Ian’s best friend from childhood, like a little sister.  Blake is renting a room in Gaby’s house.  Gaby and Lex are arch-enemies, expect fireworks and warfare when they are in the same room.  And Blake dresses like a sporty guy, including Adidas flip flops.  And Blake didn’t like Ian. She wanted David, a basketball player in the University’s Huskies team.  So how can you get the girl to change her mind?

I loved seeing Ian get his comeuppance.  He started out cringing and wincing when he was with Blake, because of her dressing style.  He started to do some coaching, then he was impressed by her body, athleticism, and innocence.  Little by little, the feeling of jealousy against David and the feelings of impotence because she was oblivious were so comical and sad at the same time.  It was a great comedy and a great romance.  It was also good because Ian had to deal with his issues about football.  Being a player was his persona and he was a little lost.  So being a “player” with ladies was the next best thing.  He had some growing up to do and dealing with his feelings for Blake was the boost he needed.

Entertaining and funny!

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