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I fell in love with Katy Evan’s books when I read Mr. President.  When I finished this book, it felt no different, although Mr. President stays the favorite.  What I like about her books is that her male characters feel so unattainable, very powerful, far above the usual crowd, and yet, when they meet our heroine, they take a pause in their rushed and powerful lives, and take a look at our girl, and are delighted and caught.  Then we get to read a beautiful love story that feels us with the most heartfelt moments.

In this book, Bryn Kelly needs a business tycoon to loan her the start-up money for the start-up of her company.  She’s been living in New York for six weeks and had been to different lenders and banks and no one wanted to help her.  As a last resource, she appealed to Aaric Christos, childhood friend and crush, for help.  He deigns to give her ten minutes, just when he’s about to leave for an event with his current girlfriend, Miranda.  That just there gives you the feel of star-crossed lovers.  Bryn goes to see Aaric, they feel the magnetic attraction they always felt, but he left with his girlfriend and she with a promise of another meeting.  He strings her along, with short meetings, vetting her much stronger than other requestors, and yet, the feeling that he just wants to be in her company is there.

When Bryn and Aaric were teenagers, they lived in Austin, Texas, where Bryn’s parents owned a successful department store and Aaric was a poor mechanic who did a lot of gigs to help his mother.  After his mother dies, he left town to look for a better future.  They had a crush on each other, but he was the intense, dangerous type of teen, and Bryn was the good girl who never broke a rule.  She was afraid of what she felt for him, so kept him strictly in the friend category.  Now that they meet again, it feels like the one who got away and what a pain in the heart it feels like!

As they deal with the technicalities of a start-up company, Bryn tries to keep their contacts professional and businesslike but Aaric keeps needling her and bringing up the past and their teenage crush.  He keeps calling her “little bit” and “Lips” as when they were teens.  The improvement on their relation goes on a par with the birth of Bryn’s company.  Another aspect that I love in this story was the love triangle.  I so love it when the good girl gets the great guy away from the conniving woman!  I loved the tenderness, the passion, the funny moments, the intrigue (there was a little bit), and the feelings for yearning for what they had, lost and were now reviving.  I couldn’t wait for Miranda to hit the street LOL.  There’s a twist towards the end that brings up the stars crossed lovers theme to a pitch, and this author did such a good job of wringing my heart.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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