Jilted – Sawyer Bennet


This author is an auto click for me, I think I have ALL her books.  She writes sports romances, computer nerd romances, and fun and flirty romances like this one.  In this case, the Hollywood actor is the girl, and the guy is a landscape architect.  She leaves Hollywood because of a scandal and comes back to her hometown to lick at her scars and have a quiet time.  There she meets her high school boyfriend, with whom she had to break up to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting.  They parted in friendly terms but it was hard and wrenching.  And to her surprise, they have to share her childhood home!

Eden Goodnight has always lived in Goodnight House and had a great childhood with loving parents.  When her parents died in a sailboat accident, her grandmother, who loved traveling and living at large, had no other choice but to come home and finish raising Eden who was fifteen at the time.  She was a cold, unloving person, and even though she provided for her granddaughter in terms of house, food, clothes, and education, in other areas Eden was neglected.  Cooper Mayfield was her high school sweetheart and they had plans to go to college together and marry and have four kids.  Unfortunately, Eden’s grandmother wouldn’t pay for her college unless she went to her choice.  Eden chose to follow Cooper and money was tight until an agent discovered her and signed her to a modeling job.  From there, her work schedule took off and their relation went south. Their breakup was heartbreaking but understandable and neither had angry feelings about the other.

When Eden gets to her house, she gets the shock that Coop is not only living there, but even worse, he’s occupying the master suite, which has access to the library room a floor above. Turns out that during the grandmother’s last days, Coop was the one who took care of her.  She had turned her shoulder so many times to Eden that Eden had stopped making the effort to stay in touch, and the grandmother was alone and sick and frail.  Coop took upon himself to visit her, take her to the doctor, etc. and in return she gave him the rights to live in the house as long as he lives.

Once Eden verifies this with her lawyer, ensues a hysterically funny scene where each throws out the others belongings in order to claim the suite, later ending throwing the clothes out into the front yard.  After that, peace is achieved and a tentative truce is effected.  Then the start of a reconciliation as friends, as accomplices of many youthful mischiefs, and later on, of a temporary fling is in the works.

This was one second-chance romance, with friends to lovers plot that I greatly enjoyed.  Both Coop and Eden were great characters, with a huge obstacle to surpass: their jobs which kept them at opposite sides of the country, and jobs they each loved and were unwilling to leave.  I felt this was going to be one of those non-HEA stories, but love is strong and willing to compromise and I was not disappointed. As always, this author writes awesome stories and they keep you hooked until you finish. Her writing style is excellent, great pace, great dialogues and what is most important to me, a great balance between dialogues and prose.



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