Royal Affair – Marquita Valentine


The sequel to Royal Scandal, and a real joy to read.  This one has the wallflower girl who shows up to have spine, the scoundrel who found his noble inside, and the family who gathers to support their wallflower sister.  It was a real treat to read this one, it was lively, had more royal intrigues, and more challenges on the characters, as both had to grow up to live up to the other. And there’s a twister at the end, although the author teases the reader with hints throughout the book. I re-read Royal Scandal and found the hints there too!

Princess Charlotte Sinclair is reclusive and shy, she gets anxious at public functions. So she’s kept sheltered by her brothers and sisters. Against Colin’s wishes, she keeps social media accounts under a pseudonym, follows Walker Brooks very closely through his social media accounts, and keeps a personal blog. There was a charity ball where the royals were the hosts and Brooks crashed the party. He sought Charlotte out and he got the shock of his life when she asked him to have an exclusive affair with her. In exchange he could publish information about her and her family, just no intimate details. They agree and he’s delighted at the opportunity, except he fell for her prim ways, felt sorry for her solitary life and decided to bring the princess out of the cocoon.

Meanwhile, the evil ex-Prime Minister is harboring plans to upthrow the new monarchy and attempts to blackmail Walker.  Walker is promised a Peabody award, versus the ruin of his company.  Hard decision indeed. For a while, I had no idea which side Walker would take.

This book has the sweetest romance with the sweetest heroine, and Walker proved to be a true hero, self-sacrificing for the benefit of his beloved, helpful to the family, and honorable at the crucial moment. He used to be a grouch and a jerk, but Charlotte humanized him and brought closeness again to Walker’s parents and twin brother. There were funny moments, like when Colin held a pink water gun to Walker’s temple to make him step away from this sister, and poignant moments when Charlotte said: “I’m not complaining exactly, but I wasn’t given a choice to have this life and there are times that I find it unbearably miserable and lonesome.” Their dialogues were tender and loving and they always have humor and snarky responses. Really, Walker had no defenses against this sweet, prim, polite princess. She was frequently called to attend to Imogen because she’s the spare princess, to be queen should something happen. When these trips happened, we get a feeling that Imogen is covering something. Later we find out what and why. Truly, this story was a joy to read.

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