Unconventional – Isabel Love


I had to hold my jaw frequently while reading this book. This has been the naughtiest, most kinky book I’ve ever read.  And yet, it had a feel-good love story included. Charlie Nelson was the goof ball between his best friends, but he had a secret:  years ago he  suffered a betrayal that affected him so severely that he turned into a player. No serious relationships allowed. Likewise, Quinn suffered a betrayal by her ex-husband, that left scars so deep that she only had one-night-stands. The only exception is Charlie. Since her best friend is Charlie’s best friend’s girlfriend, they meet frequently, and have had sex several times.  Quinn is not clingy and Charlie has those dimples that make him irresistible. One day the whole gang were having their weekly blast and Charlie sees Quinn pick her night’s toy boy. He enjoys watching her flirt and conquest. Later, Charlie is doing his own thing with a girl and Quinn finds them and watches. They discover that they like to act as voyeurs and decide to play. Their first adventure is a threesome, which they enjoyed very much, so they decide to couple up and explore their kinkiness. It was to be an exclusive relation, with the option to include thirds, so long as they both agree and want.  That threesome scene with Tobias was sweet and naughty, incredibly as it may seem.

I have to say, I was a little uncomfortable at some scenes because they’re not my cup of tea. However, all the scenes presented were written with exquisite taste and above all, tremendous consideration to all partners. Once Quinn and Charlie decide to be exclusive and explore their sensuality, there was a devotion and sensitivity and loyalty that I just knew would end in love. It was an unconventional love, but it was theirs. They supported each other through visits with the parents, who were not very supportive of them, improved the other’s bad moods resulting from said visits, and had a grand time. A lot of attention was given to the naughty bits, but the love story was given its time and attention and I was rooting for the lovers to overcome their issues so they could be truly and completely together.

This book releases July 20th, 2017

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