Beautiful Mistake – Vi Keeland


So I had to read this book twice to make sure how I liked it. After reading so many glowing reviews, I expected to love it and I didn’t. So something must be wrong, right? I must not have been in the right mood when I read it.  So, I read it a second time to  make sure I read it right, lots of attention to details and highlight important scenes or dialogues. And the verdict is: I liked it better but it still didn’t wow me. The student/teacher trope is not my favorite, although in this book it was handled perfectly. Rachel is a graduate student, acting as TA for Professor West, so it’s not the case of a real student falling for her teacher. And they both did try to prevent their chemistry from imploding, but it did from their obligatory frequent work interaction. Harriet was impossibly sweet and funny and feisty. And the Professor was too hot to ignore. The story was going on, very sweet and funny and entertaining until Caine got cold feet and started to bail out on Rachel. Then Rachel got on his face and got a little hostile. After many times of inflicting the name of Davis, an ex-boyfriend, and the mention of maybe having sex with the ex, and other possible candidates, Caine surrendered to the jealousy and his craving for Harriet. Then a sudden connection to the past comes up and there goes the relation downhill again. Both Caine and Harriet kept secrets about their past from each other and the failure in dealing with their issues kept them from having a fruitful communication. All this hot and cold stuff that arises from keeping secrets, deliberately choosing not to share and causing rifts is not my favorite method of developing a story. I loved both characters and some dialogues were great, but I did not cry with joy and succumbed to happy tears. I just didn’t get as invested in the story as with other books. Secondary character Ava was not very well-developed IMO, but Charlie was a darling, indeed a father figure to Rachel.  I loved how he showed Rachel’s date the bat he keeps under his bar.  Keep them in line!

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