Loving Kalvin – Siobhan Davis


The author sent me an ARC and I was delighted to read and review. Each time I read another installment in this series I like it more than the previous book. Kalvin’s story is about vindication and forgiveness. Both Kalvin and Lana had hurt each other in an unforgivable way, yet they loved each other so much! They had a huge mountain of hurts to surpass, and they worked hard at it. In previous books, Lana had accused Kalvin of raping her. This threw the Kennedy family in a tailspin, because they knew Kalvin was not capable of such a crime, but he had a reputation of being a player, so he was in a bad place. When Lana had to testify in court, she confessed to the lie and cleared up Kalvin’s innocence of the crime. Immediately she left town for unknown destination.

When the book starts, we have Kalvin attending college at Florida State University, because this is where he and Lana had planned to study many years ago. He was so confident he would find her here that he declined Harvard, where his other brothers studied. Yet, months into the semester, he hadn’t found her. Kalvin had Keven, his older brother, who is a computer genius, hack into the University computer system and look her up, but no dice. Until one Friday, at a frat party, he finds her dancing on top of a bar. She took off running when she saw him, but now he knows she’s here, and all he has to do is find her and demand answers.

The thing is, she’s hiding a secret, and she’s not sure if she wants Kalvin to know. Kalvin’s actions in previous years had been so hurtful, and he had behaved so immature, she didn’t think he had the capability to be the man she needed. Both were suffering the consequences of their actions; Kalvin was seen as a sexual predator, even if declared innocent, and Lana was deviled as the girl who cried rape and repented. Kalvin now felt he could be the man Lana had, but she didn’t feel she deserved him, she had lied so many times and was still living a lie.  This was a case of each asking forgiveness but not feeling like they deserve it.  It felt like they were taking turns to see who was more at fault.

I liked the love and the devotion in this couple.  This book was exclusively about them, differently from previous books that had several plots going on at the same time.  Having the one plot made the book more enjoyable IMO, also less confusing.  In the first books of the series, I had a hard time keeping all the Kennedy brothers apart, since their names all start with a K and there were so many.  I like how all the members of the family are falling into place and the family is feeling like a team, they are all supporting each other, helping each other.  It’s shaping out to be a great series!

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