Slap Shot – Kelly Jamieson


Kelly Jamieson is one of my automatic one-click authors.  Her series of the Aces Hockey team players is naughty, sexy and so entertaining.  Of course, all the players are hot hunky males and the girls are gorgeous, feisty and sassy, but the stories are real, well-developed, and they submerge you into their world and their feelings.  The best part is that you keep on reading about the couples from previous books, so it’s like a universe where you have been invited to participate and make friends.

In this book we have Hallsy, or Max Hall, attending Marc Dupuis wedding to Lovey, Duncan’s sister.  See how they all connect?  We saw Hallsy in previous books where he started playing bad, then it was known that his wife had cancer, and later on died.  He left the team to be with his wife during her last days, and stayed away after, sunken in a deep and devastating depression.  He had recently come back from his leave, and was training hard to make the team again in the October try offs.  At twenty-nine years, he was a little old for hockey and there were many eighteen and nineteen young men vying for a place in the Aces team.  At the moment of this wedding, all Hallsy was feeling was horny.  His libido had gone dormant during his wife illness and subsequent death, but nineteen months after, it suddenly woke up, hungry and desperate.  There was a redheaded bridesmaid who was dancing and having a great time, and had a beautiful smile, and she was the cause of this sudden explosion of desire.  Her name is Kendra and she’s Lovey’s and Duncan’s cousin.

So Hallsy is undergoing a very excruciating physical training and a very strict diet.  He loves junk food but is sacrificing in order to bring his body to the peak condition it was in a year and a half ago.  Kendra lives in New York, where she’s partnering her best friend in the development and production of, wait for it, sex toys developed for the woman’s pleasure.  She is unashamedly fond of sex and in touch with her sexuality.  Since the Aces team is based in Chicago, they connect and have a one night stand, expecting the distance to cool off the night of passion.  Not so!!! That night was so outstanding and their chemistry so explosive, they kept in touch.  Max was very clear that he had nothing to offer, he was empty after his huge loss and all he wanted was fun and sex.  Kendra agreed, mostly because she was happy in New York and Max was aiming to play for the Aces, based in Chicago.  But the heart wants what the heart needs and the chemistry they had could not be denied.  They kept connecting over and over, yet Max still hadn’t gotten completely over his wife’s death and there were loyalty issues.

I loved the development of love in this story.  Kendra was a very sexually expressive woman, plus she was kind, generous, and understanding.  The fact that she has a degree in counseling allowed her to understand and help Max.  Max had his issues, afraid to be vulnerable to the kind of pain he had gone through, and still felt faithful to his dead wife.  It was a soft story, not strong in angst, but subtle, slowly developing, with its necessary separations to allow both characters deal with their feelings.  It was a very enjoyable read with the feels of a person coming to terms with a huge loss.

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