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Another great hockey story by the incomparable Ms. Jamieson. This story goes before the one I reviewed last, right before Marc Dupuis wedding to Lovey Armstrong. This one actually happens while Lovey is planning their wedding. The wedding planner they hire, Katelyn, happened to have been Tanner Bennett’s high school girlfriend. And Tanner was chosen by Marc to be one of his groomsmen. Happy second reunion! Or not?

Katelyn and Tanner broke up in high school because he was drafted to play hockey in New York and she refused to leave her dad. Her mother had died years ago and she was all he had. When Tanner arrives in New York, angry and sad, he went all out into the life of a single famous sports star, with parties, puck bunnies, booze, the works. He marries a model, and subsequently divorces once he finds out all she wanted was a rich husband and the high life. Now, eight years later, he goes into Marc Dupuis apartment for a wedding planning meeting and finds the girl he loved and lost eight hears ago. I loved how they reacted when they met again. They let it be known they had met before and adopted a frenemy attitude that was so cute. They were polite with little twists of sarcasm. They were really thrown by the meeting after so many years apart and both were apprehensive about all the future meetings regarding the wedding. Katelyn attitude with the others was so nice and helpful and knowledgeable about her business that Tanner was impressed. Likewise, Katelyn was impressed with Tanner’s muscles!

It was precisely the frequency of their meetings that brings them closer together. Katelyn got job opportunities with Lovey’s friends, she found herself absorbed into the circle of Lovey’s friends, and it’s like a noose was slowly closing in, bringing them together. This is because Lovey’s friends are the wives and girlfriends of the other hockey players, so they were thrust together a lot. They hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye properly the first time, but this time they had the opportunity to have full disclosure. I loved about this story that it evolved so smoothly and that their love was reignited so naturally. You learn from their stories that they had never found someone else to replace what they had. The only elements of stress is the negotiation of Tanner’s renewal with the Aces, which is going slow and final draft time is rapidly approaching. Also, Katelyn is just starting her business and it’s picking up fast . There’s a question in the air of what could happen if Tanner is drafted to another team. It was a really romantic story with very frequent smutty sexy moments.

Another happy stance is that during this book, Jared and Sydney’s baby is born, so more happy to the story!

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