The Real Thing – Melissa Foster


In the beginning, I thought:  Not my kind of book, it feels like an old-fashioned romance novel. The author is using the trope of fake engagement, which the woman accepts, but then she’s complaining all the time. She is on the defensive, he is offensive. He’s a Hollywood actor, shooting a film near his hometown. She is his best friend’s little sister, and many years ago, he took her virginity. Mind you, at her request, and under a series of instructions so she could get rid of the encumbrance and be able to walk away from him and leave for college. But then, in college, she was waiting for wedding bells, huh?

Over the years, they kept a friendship of sorts, through texting. He says she’s her conscience, she says he’s her best support when she needs to make hard decisions. However, when they meet up and he asks her for a favor, she accepts but their behavior is truly juvenile. Really, I’ve read YA books where the main characters show more maturity. He looks lustily at a woman who walks by, she grabs and squeezes his crotch, he affects a hangdog face so she will forgive him, then laughs, then she starts a flirtation with a guy on a boat during the ride, you get the idea.  I was getting a little mad, but then I changed gears.  I realized this is chick lit, so all this was supposed to be funny, duh!!

Once I was clear on that, the rest of their bickering, which was frequent, was fun.  Zane was manipulative and pushy and Willow was feisty and snarky.  But, all along the book, I was always convinced his feelings were real and he had loved Willow all this time.  It was Willow who had kept them apart all this time, because she was hurt that he didn’t come for her all those years ago after she left for college.

Once the “fake” engagement started, the real feelings came out, and the story turned into a sexy romp between two very expressive characters.  Very entertaining.

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