Locked In – Anne Chastain


This book made me cry!  It’s about a couple who lost their way.  They had two lovely kids but their communication went to zero.  Life, kids, work, school, kids activities, all conspired to eliminate the couple time that is so necessary to feed the love and the passion.  Once that is gone, the sex goes the same way, and when you least expect it, you have two strangers living together.  This happened to Grace and Ben.  They have two kids, seven-year old Liam and four-year old Mimi.  When Grace repeatedly complained to Ben about his late arrivals home and missing Mimi’s recital, he packs up a duffel and leaves.  Before leaving he throws a verbal bomb: I met someone….

At this, I expected fights, tears, screaming, clinging, all the works.  But Grace just shut down.  She locked the door and went to bed to sleep.

The second bomb fell when she went grocery shopping and one of the school moms at Liam’s school asks her how it went with Benjamin, and implied there’s something going on between them.  I loved her reaction here!! She let her shopping basket fall at their feet and left.  Next time she saw Ben, he looked like crap.  He wanted to talk and what she said was: You have thirty minutes to take your stuff out of the house and I don’t want to see you here when I return.  It hurt me to read these words but I also applauded Grace’s spirit. At the same time, I got a feeling that Ben was getting cold feet about his grand departure.

What I loved about this book was that there were no screaming matches and no disrespect between the couple.  The kids were always front and center in their hearts, never neglected.  And when Grace was feeling most low and dejected, she went to her parents beach house and there her father reintroduced her to surfing.  The sun and the beach exerted their treatment and she felt her heart a bit more full and ready to face the future.  I think that Ben and Grace lost themselves in the everyday life and needed a personal earthquake to wake them up.  Grace found herself again in the beach and surfing and re-connecting to old friends and beach bums.  Poor Ben had a harder road, because he had to work to get accepted again.  I liked the procedure presented in the book, the couples counseling and the openness of their approach, open heart and open mind.  Both were very open about their feelings and differences.  It hurt to live the process with them because I felt like I would hurt if the same thing happened to me.  I loved the support of Grace’s family and friends.  The only thing I didn’t like is that I didn’t get to see Grace kick the other woman in the butt.

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