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Luc Fournier is Marc Fournier’s “little” brother, and he has just joined the Cold Fury hockey team.  He’s happy, single, and loving the life of a hot and famous hockey player.  He’s a little disgusted at seeing his brother and other teammates being so domesticated, and swears he’s going to be single for a long, long time.  Then karma bit him.  He had a one night stand with a beautiful girl he met in a gala and the condom broke.  And he ended up joining the future father gang ahead of all his friends and brother.  Having been raised in a family with a high moral compass, Luc is determined to do right by his baby.  Stephanie is a little standoffish and secretive, but she’s also determined to get along with Luc so they can co-parent their child.

I love all Sawyer Bennett books.  In this Cold Fury world, the good part is you get to see all the characters from previous books, so it’s a blast.  Even more, we get to see a lot of Marc and Jules.  Jules is like Luc’s conspirator in dealing with Stephanie, because she’s sometimes very remote and Luc can’t get through to her.  Stephanie is fun and sexy but keeps her feelings very closed up.  She has a hard time opening up to people, even though she yearns to feel the closeness of friends and family.  Stephanie was raised by nannies, her selfish and self-indulgent parents had no time and no desire to raise a child and frequently told her so.  She feels like no one can love her and has a very thick core of protectiveness around her heart, which leads to intimacy problems. She has a really strong sense of worthlessness and it breaks your heart.  It’s very difficult for Stephanie to let someone in, and she’s trying but not fast enough for Luc.  Luc, on the other hand, wants to help, wants to give her what she never had, and makes mistakes by being pushy and smothering.  Both make a lot of effort and make mistakes but they develop a deep connection.

I love how she gets integrated into the circle of the Cold Fury girlfriends/wives.  She’s organizing a non-profit in which school age kids visit old folks in nursing homes.  The old folks are cheered by the kids and the kids get after school care.  Jules helps Stephanie organize it.  Luc’s parents also appear, and we see Luc’s little sister have a thing with Van, Luc’s roommate.  So now we know who will be the guy in the next Cold Fury book.  I love this world, with the families, the friends, the teamwork and the support they give to one another.  It’s a feel good book apart from the smexy times.

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