Corrupt – Jessica Prince


This book was not very convincing for me. Garret and Gwen went from a fighting relation to a sex relation and then to a love relation too fast. I had a hard time seeing what made them fall in love, since they were fighting so much of the time. It felt like the fact Gwen was beautiful and Garrett was hot was all it took.

Gwen had too many losses in her life and was leery of trusting someone and then losing them. She lost her Dad during college, and had to drop out to help her mother manage their farm; then her mom developed cancer and died six months later, and two months after that she lost the farm where she grew up. All those losses make her skittish and fearful. Thanks to her best friend Corinne, she was slowly coming out of her stupor and had a job that she liked. One night Corinne convinced her to go out to a glam party and she ended up in Garrett’s bed. Garrett is the drummer of Civil Corruption, famous rock band. Next morning, she was kicked out of the house like a groupie or one-night stand, very humiliating. And three months later, she finds out she’s pregnant.

She went through hoops to convince Garrett, the band’s lawyers, and the manager that the child was indeed Garrett’s, then rejected any monetary maintenance.  All she wanted was for her baby to have a father.  One of my favorite moments was when she left the meeting with management and finds Garrett leaving the elevator and gives him a right hook. Serves him right for being so douchey.

Three years later, and after many tour trips, and a sleazy rock star’s life, Garrett decides he wants more time with his daughter. He hates where Gwen and Liddy live so convinces them to move in with him.  And that’s when the gist of the action occurs.  Once I got past the speed of their connection, the rest of the book was very entertaining.  There are the horrible Kimber and Chris, the other band members who apart from being drunkards are agreeable and loving to Liddy, and BFF Corinne who hooks up with the band’s bodyguard.  Another thing I liked is that the sex scenes are not excessive so there was not so much skimming done.  One thing I didn’t love was Gwen’s repugnance for paparazzi and reporters which made her turn paranoid about being seen with Garrett in public.  I don’t understand why she couldn’t embrace the life she was living and opt for a good security detail.  Anyway, this was the main conflict of the story so it was necessary.  I loved how Garrett loved his little girl and how loving he was.  He even played dolls!  Both Garrett and Gwen made Liddy their first priority and Garrett moved from being a sleazy rocker to a great dad.  From the setting, I guess we’ll be getting more books about the group and am very anxious to read Declan’s book, his story seems to be very intense.

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