The Irish Getaway – Siobhan Davis


This novella is like a transition between the books in the series.   It fits between Finding Kyler and Loving Kalvin, like a dessert course between dinner courses. The whole Kennedy family and Faye travel to Ireland.  There they will do the touristy thing plus meet with Faye’s grandparents from her biological father, Adam.

Faye and Kyler are an established couple, and their scenes are definitely cheesy with all the loving and sexing.  I get a kick out of seeing Kyler so devoted and accommodating, as compared to the beginning of the series, when he was so hostile and unhappy.  They spend a couple of weeks alone, meeting with Faye’s BFF’s Jill and Rachel.  Then the rest of the Kennedy clan arrive, for a family vacation. There are a couple of parties, one before the Kennedy clan arrive, where we meet Luke, Faye’s ex, and the first conflict in the novel.  Ky doesn’t like when Luke gets all handsy with Faye, so Luke gets thrown out of the party. Next party is the Welcome to Ireland party, held in Rachel’s house.  This clan loves to party and riot.

So they travel all over Ireland, submitting to Alex’s very ambitious travel itinerary, visiting all the tourist places that can exist in Ireland.  I loved hearing about all these places, so I can make my own list if I ever make it to travel to Ireland. All the family got along on this trip, except for Kent who continues to cause trouble.  The whole gang has a great time, partying and getting along, with the usual bickering and spats between siblings.  The older Kennedy’s also have their partying and fighting, as per usual.  Faye gets to be with her new family and gets another chance to experience her half-sister Whitney’s hostility, which is based mostly on jealousy.  She’s not the only girl in the house anymore.  The twins Josh and Jake are adorable. And Faye’s new to her grandparents are awesome and youthful.

The story is very light and airy and fun to read, nothing too deep, just touching on all the different hot spots in the story so far and hinting to where the series is going.  As per Siobhan’s style, there’s a little of everything and the mixture is totally entertaining.


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