Prime Minister – Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller


Loved, Loved this book, because it was so lighthearted and joyous.  It has some kinky stuff but it’s nowhere as dark as Fifty Shades.  Both characters are well-balanced individuals, with somewhat normal families, no dark issues in their childhood.  However, the PM likes it kinky and needs to keep it well hidden because imagine the scandal if the country learns that the PM likes his sex life kinky.  Then he meets this lovely girl who comes to work with his staff as an intern, and he likes her a lot.  So he has three strikes: she’s young, she’s an intern, and he doesn’t know if she’s strictly vanilla or can like some kinky stuff.  How to approach? He’s in a real bind.  As the days go by and he gets more desperate, he flies to his hometown where his best friend and fellow kink partner, fixes him a meet, but it doesn’t work because he wants HER, not anyone else.  Since in this book the character is the Prime Minister of Canada, even if fiction, I couldn’t help but keep an image of the real deal.  After all, both are hotties!!

Ellie is studying for her PhD, so she’s very intelligent, nerdy and slightly clumsy.  She’s fascinated by the PM.  When she calls him Sir, she notices he reacts funny but has no idea why.  All she knows is that she’s called to work for him frequently, assisting in speech writing because she gets him and what he wants to work for in his government. After a rather clumsy attempt made by Ellie to seduce the PM, the boundaries are erased, and they start to be a couple.

Ellie’s so eager to learn and to please and so intuitive, that she guesses his particular preferences and decides to heartfully embrace the style. They face several obstacles, mainly the press, paparazzi and the public opinion. The PM is constantly aware and protective of Ellie, because she became essential to his existence.

I totally enjoyed this book.

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