Because of Him – Terri Laine


Great read and an intriguing plot. Tade is the adopted son of an US Senator and his wife. His real father, is a criminal facing execution and his mom’s brother. He’s at this University because since it’s small, he has hopes of living under the radar, hidden away from the limelight his parents live in.

Reagan is loving being in the University after being homeschooled and under the care of a severely controlling mother. We know something happened to her mother and as a result she’s afraid of everything and has instilled this fear into Reagan. Thanks to psychological treatment and the support of her father, Reagan’s coming out from under her mother’s smothering and facing the world, trying to conquer her fears.

Reagan and Tade meet at a bar. He’s immediately stuck on her, but she brushes him off for two reasons: she recognizes he’s a player, and some of the fears instilled in her by her mother’s crazy attitudes. They both have roommates who got stuck on each other but they spend the whole book in a back and forth relation. Reagan’s roommate Megan convinces her that Tade is really into her and has been rejecting other girls’ advances. So, Reagan decides to give Tade a chance and they start seeing each other.

There’s another parallel plot about a young girl, which we know has to be related to the plot, but we won’t know how until much later.

All the plots implode towards the end of the novel, we read about where both stories interconnect and the incomplete storylines are sort of completed. In my opinion, the end was rushed and did not satisfy my curiosity about all that had happened in the past to both characters. I also felt that the plot lines weren’t closed completely. Apart from this, the story progresses in a very well paced rate, and the tension increases because you get desperate to find what happens in the end and how both stories connect.

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