Billion Dollar Urge – Jackson Kane


My first romance book written by a guy.  In his bio, it says he’s an original bad boy, athlete, stuntman, and hopeless romantic.  I was really impressed with this book, it’s very well written, great pace, great story.  There are a couple of places where the action doesn’t seem real to me, but it’s entertaining and the love story is great.

Myles was having a one-night stand with Nicole, but he suddenly realized she was a great girl, different from his usual hook ups.  He decides to invite her to a party at his hotel where the ritzy and rich welcome the new year.  Nicole decides to assist, moved by curiosity to see more of his world.  When she arrives, Myles offers her five million dollars to pose as his fiancée, no questions asked.  When he takes her to meet his sister, she realizes there’s some game being played and she’s a pawn in the game.  Also, Myles sister Victoria had brought Tempest, Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, and from whom she was still getting over.  In shock, Nicole bails on Myles and wanders around the party, alone.  The description of the party was very overboard.  It has held in a sixty-eight floor and yet there were even horses in the party.  It was all very excessive and very expensive. When Myles finds Nicole, they have a conversation about Myles past and then suddenly, Myles gets a new resolve.  On the dot of the new year, he announces that he lost a bet with his sister, which means he will sell the hotel to her, and that the proceeds from the party and donations given from the rich and famous gathered there will be donated to charity, in the form of student grants given to students without funds to attend university. From a degenerate style of living to a charitable person, in just one night, a little hard to believe, but this is fiction after all.

Overnight, Myles is fixed on Nicole and wants to be a better man for her.  They become a couple, he goes to visit Nicole’s parents, but didn’t succeed in winning them over because of his reputation.  It was funny seeing Myles nervous and trying to please and win over Nicole’s parents, where before he couldn’t care less what people thought of him.

Next they go visit a friend of Myles from his days of debauchery.  Both Myles and Nicole get a bad vibe of Sylas and leave soon. He has a nefarious plan with Myles in mind, and they’ll soon learn about it.

What ensues next is a love story with many ups and downs and  high stakes game with the financial realm of Myles corporation.  His sister Victoria is involved and all three work fiercely to save Myles’s company. It was really entertaining and a page turner.

Once I got over the speed with which Myles fell for Nicole and decided to be a better man for her, the rest of the book was fantastic.  I loved his devotion to Nicole and his determination to save his company and help Victoria.  His relation with his sister was damaged due to his self-involvement and crazy life, but once he’s on the right track, they mended their relation and they were getting along.  Victoria understood that Nicole was responsible for his change, so she helped Nicole, too.  A great story of redemption and surpassing odds.



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