Secrets of the A-List, 1 of 12


Intriguing! Like the Dallas soap opera, a powerful family with secrets and whose members have rivalry and competition between each other. The family owns an empire that started in the catering business, then branched out into hotels, restaurants, etc. The patriarch, Harrison Marshall, came from poverty and worked relentlessly to make a name for himself. He married into the Santiago family, whose pedigree dates back to when Los Angeles belonged to Spain. Part of the reason he worked so hard was to prove himself to his wife’s family. His wife Marissa, a force herself, has been his partner and collaborator during the thirty years they have been married. They have three children: Luc, a plastic surgeon, Rafe, an interior designer, and Elana, who “works” at the family corporation, but her attendance is just enough to justify her salary. Marissa’s nephew, Caleb, was taken to live with them as a child, because his mother was a drug addict, and he is loved by Hamilton and Marissa as if he was their own. The siblings, however, make sure to differentiate him as apart from the main family.

This is not a book, but the first of a series of twelve novellas. In this book, Harrison suffers a very serious car accident and his prognosis is uncertain. His wife, children, nephew and best friend rush to his side. Then there’s a mysterious character, named “The Fixer”, who has controls over Harrison’s life and his fortune. No one in the family had ever seen him nor heard of him, yet they are about to find out how much control The Fixer has, the hard way.
No romance plot seen at the time, but it seems like a very interesting read. Ends in a cliffie, BTW, so desperation for the next chapter rapidly ensued. I’m pretty sure we’ll be reading dirty secrets about each family member, plus there will be many dirty dealings, high stakes finance games, and lots of riot and mayhem.

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