Wait For It – Mariana Zapata’


Now this is great storytelling! I had a fantastic time reading this book! It’s the typical trope of a single aunt raising her two nephews but what makes it unique is the cultural flavor of a Mexican family. I felt connected to the heroine Diana Casillas because her feelings about family were so similar to mine. Her mother sounds like my mother, because Latin America is a matriarchal culture, and all mothers are similar in their beliefs.

Apart from that, the author wrote a brilliant book. It’s a chronicle of the life of Diana and her nephews after she moved to a new neighborhood in Austin. Her nephews are Josh, eleven years old, who is very talented at baseball; and Louie, five years old, who loves Diana unconditionally, gives her many yummy hugs and asks for a story about his father every night. Diana has the help of her parents and the other grandparents in raising the kids. All that effort succeeded in making happy, secure kids.

Their new neighbor, Dallas, was not very nice and friendly in the beginning, but they grew on each other. As they knew each other better, the like grew, but Dallas was getting out of a bad marriage, and it made Diana hesitant to get too close. I got a kick of all the times Diana told Dallas she was not going to stick a hand down his pants LOL. Pivotal in their relation is how little Louie conquered Dallas’ affection first. Then Dallas was interested in Josh’s baseball talent, since he coaches an eleven year old baseball team. From all these interactions, Dallas got to know and fall in love with Diana and vice-versa.

Diana had her crazy and Dallas has his dysfunctional family, it was a match made in heaven. I loved the slow evolution of their love, how the author develops the characters in such detail that you feel you know them and understand their actions completely. Even though the book chronicles their lives after they move into their new house, it’s not a boring read, and it has a nice steady pace. The author peppers the narrative with lively events, some drama moments that actually make your heart hurt and made me cry, some funny moments, and an overall heart-warming story. I loved the many nicknames Diana calls her boys, like Joshy Poo and Louie Goo Goo, I felt they made the kids know how much she loved them. Diana was fierce in her love for these kids, another thing I loved and that is typical in our Spanish culture. This book is not heavy on sex, it’s heavy on feelings, and has some sexual tension but not a lot. Another thing I loved, because it was all about the story, which is how I like my books.

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