Flow – Kennedy Ryan


I’m re-reading these books in preparation to reviewing Still, Grip # 2, so why not review them too? The prequel Flow documents Bristol’s first visit to her twin brother in LA, while she was still studying college. Her brother Rhyson was busy working on music for an album, so he sends his best friend Grip, to pick her up at the airport. Bristol and Grip had a strong like at first sight. For Grip this was a problem because of the bro code. For Bristol, it was a problem because she has a difficult agenda, to connect with her brother again after five years apart. And also to convince him she’s not following their mother’s agenda.

Rhyson was a child prodigy at the piano. Their parents were music agents, so they had him trained and at the age of seven started him on world tours. When he was fifteen, he emancipated from his parents and escaped to LA with their uncle Grady. It was an epic battle but the parents had driven him too hard, to the extent of addicting him to pills so he could continue to perform under stress. The sad part was that when he left, he also left Bristol behind. Bristol still connected via telephone, but the contact was superficial. Now she came to really get her brother back, to convince him to make music for himself, not for others, and to let her manage him, once she finished her studies. They had an impasse there, but during the week of her visit, the real connection she made was with Grip.

Grip’s music was hip-hop, which was a new experience for Bristol.  Even so, she recognized musical excellence when she heard him and she knew he was going to be a star.  At the moment, he was starting out on his dream and he was doing any and all odd jobs that would earn him music time at a studio.  He has a strong work ethic and a strong sense of who he was and the direction he was going.  I liked Bristol, but I thought Grip was awesome, a very strong character, with a big heart and a strong love for his momma.

Flow ends in a cliffhanger, which continues with Grip.


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