Racer – Katy Evans


There are some books that are a joy to review, and this is one of them.  This is one of my automatic one-click authors because I just love her writing style.  And this is the love story of Remington Tate’s boy, so it’s a double treat.  Even the book cover is a yummy treat!

Racer Tate is a racer, of course.  His father is a famous fighter but what is near and dear to Racer’s heart is cars.  He’s an illegal race driver, settled in St. Petersburg.  He’s wild, reckless and talented with cars.  And he never loses.

Lana and her family have a racing company HW Racing Team, and they are following a Grand Prix trophy but are in their last legs.  Five years ago, their company had a lot of promise but they were now fresh out of luck and good drivers.  Lana is a people pleaser, she loves her father and wants to make him happy.  So, she promises to find him the best driver in the world and travels to St. Petersburg to the Indy practice races to find him.  What she finds instead is this beautiful and arresting man who totally captivated her.  They meet, by accident, literally, when she nicks his car in a parking lot.  They sit together for the trials and he tells her she can find the driver she needs at the time and place he specified her.  It was none other than one of his races where he leaves her gobsmacked with his talent and drive.

Off to Australia with Racer to meet up with the McIntyre family.  And they start the whole Grand Prix touring that I now learn is a lot of races all over the world.  Lana convinces Racer to keep things on a professional level, just friends, but Racer is like his father Remy, he wants what he wants and he goes after it, no holds barred.  And just like in his races, he’s driven, dedicated, ruthless and reckless.

This was a story with a lot of heart.  There’s Lana, who worries about her father and fusses taking care of him.  She has three brothers who bully her but also coddle her.  She’s all the time taking care of them, organizing and making the reservations for all their trips and races.  She’s the youngest but I felt like she was the vertical spine of the family. She had lost a boyfriend four years ago and was afraid of loving and losing again. Yet, the attraction she felt for Racer, the strong pull and need to be with him, are too strong to resist.

Racer hides a secret from Lana because he fears it may change the way she sees him, but his family is on his case and support him constantly.  They all push him to persevere and win the girl is she’s THE ONE. There’s a lot of family love and attention in this book.  Remy is important to his son’s life and he’s there for him.  Likewise, Lana adores her father and will do anything for him.

Their love scenes are so full of heart, of sensuousness, total feeling and emotion.  I usually skip sex scenes but these ones were truly heartfelt.  The story is not a complicated one, but the many changes of scenario, the strong feelings, the verbal description of their encounters, make it a very enjoyable read.  Some scenes just need to be re-read many times.


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