Filthy Player – Staci Lynn


If you want to read a simple love story with many steamy sex scenes, this is a book you should read. It’s the story of a football quarterback who falls for the waitress in a bar near the football stadium. If you want a meaty story where the characters have issues and need to overcome obstacles or overcome childhood traumas, this is not it. Both characters have fairly regular lives who are just attracted to each other and start a flirtation.  He is not affected by his fame and she is not impressed by his fame, and that is what attracted them to each other.

Beaux is the quarterback of the Rough Riders football team, he was raised by his mother and older sister and they lost their mother due to a long illness, then Shannon (older sister), took over the job of parenting until Beaux graduated college. There is a previous book that tells this story, where the tight end of the team is Shannon’s fiancee. The important issue here is that Beaux has no issues, except his love for the game and his dedication to improve each day. He’s also tired of women throwing themselves at him, only because of his money and fame.

Paige studied journalism and was working in a radio station, at the bottom of the ranks and slowly going up, when her father had two strokes that left him partially paralyzed. She resigned, moved back home and took over the car mechanics garage that her father and her grandfather before him had owned. Due to the huge medical bills, she was also working part-time at the Ride’Em Rough Saloon, named like that due to the nearness to the Rough Riders stadium. She’s exhausted, and has no time for boyfriends because of all her responsibilities.The night she met Beaux, he arrived with other team members and he acted a little douchey with her and she dunked an iced water pitcher over his head. And the rest is history. For the first time in Beaux’s life, there’s a girl who is not impressed by him or his fame. For the first time in Paige’s life, there is a man who doesn’t mind that her first priority is her father, and that she doesn’t have a lot of time for dates. He knows and understands what it is to have an ill parent and the dedication it takes. They are like a match made in heaven, right?

There is no drama, no surprises in this book, no big scenes. Paige is a little hesitant in getting too involved because she was waiting for Beaux to get tired of her unavailability but that didn’t happen. About three-fourths into the story is when things get interesting and I started passing the pages faster. I will only say that there is some danger in getting involved with a famous person.  Before that, it was a simple nice sweet story. There is no message, no learning, no big obstacles where the characters evolve. If you want a story where you don’t have to think, just enjoy many sex scenes, then this is your book.

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