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Crazy!! This is what Tia Monroe is and the ongoing theme of this book! I had never laughed so long with a book or enjoyed it more! I loved this book and this character, this is going into one of my favorite books of 2017!

Tia Monroe is crazy. She’s irreverent, creative, doesn’t conform to normal regulations, sassy, beautiful in a non-conventional way, and she’s been crushing on Eric Larsson, top Hollywood star, for a long time. To the extent that she has a poster of him in her room that she kisses frequently, she masturbates to his image, and his photo is the wallpaper in her cellphone and laptop screen. Obsessed much? She decided that she needed to meet him, at least for two minutes, confirm that he’s an asshole, and then she can be cured of her obsession. And of course, being so creative and resourceful, she found a way.

Eric Larsson is a top Hollywood actor. He was scheduled to appear in the premiere of his latest movie in Hollywood. Even though Tia lives in Brooklyn, New York, and she’s not in the invitation list for the event, that’s not an obstacle for her. She connives, lies and invents until she makes it and meets him, on the red carpet, no less. Then surprise, he liked her, was intrigued by her and invites her to eat hamburgers in the middle of the after party of the event. She eats hamburger with Eric and his best friend Ryan, thanks them, and leaves for her hotel. Next day she leaves for New York.

Two weeks later, she gets a phone call from none than Eric Larsson!!! And the rest of this wacky, crazy, wonderful book starts. She’s a freelance columnist of the New York Post, but in order to keep character with her persona in the movie premiere, she maintains that she’s a jobless actress. The parts where Eric tried to help her career and Tia’s avoidance schemes are crazy fun. This book was a delight from start to finish. The dialogues were sassy, zany and so refreshing. No wonder Eric was so captivated!

Even though this book had me laughing and enjoying the love story and Tia’s craziness, there is a part towards the end that made me cry. This tells me that this author had serious writing skills, if she can make a reader go from laughter to tears.

Secondary characters are wonderful; Lila is Tia’s best friend. She drinks everyone under the table and remains just tipsy. And next morning, she cures her hangover with vodka. Her mother is the Madam in a Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas (whorehouse), and she’s a writer in the New York Times. Ryan is Eric’s best friend and keeps Eric company so he won’t turn into an asshole full of his success. Of course, we already know there will be a sequel with those two. Even so, they add a lot to the story and are good friends to our couple.

If you want a book that will have you laughing and enjoying a great love story, I really recommend this book. Sex scenes included, too.

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