Fake Wife – Stacey Lynn


This book was crazy but I loved it. Only in fiction you find a girl who crashes into the car of Portland’s most famous playboy and ends up agreeing to marry him a couple of hours later! And the best thing is, the author made it sound believable. And both characters were very likable too. I was attracted by the cover and the title, and I’m so glad I got to read this refreshing story.

So, Corbin’s grandmother died and left him bereft. He hates his father, feels sorry for his mother but she’s a mannequin that his father manages with strict control, so the only loving family he has is his grandmother that he just lost. And on top of that pain, he got the injustice that she left him her house and property, subject to his falling in love and marrying within six months of her death and stay married at least two years. This trope is old and used very often, but I’ve seen wonderful stories woven with this plot. In this case, it was another brilliant rendition.

Teagan is a wonderful character. She’s open, kind, honest, and of course beautiful. Loyal too, because she fell in love with her first boyfriend, Drake, and dropped out of college to follow him around as he went to one college to study medicine and to another city for his internship/residence. Seven years after, the sparkle of their love is faded, but she solders on because she’s committed. However, she perceives there are problems and when she tries to perk up their sex live, he cheats on her in the worst possible way. And on the same day she was fired from her job! So she packs all her stuff in the back of her car, is wandering around looking for cheap lodging and bam! Hits the back of Corbin’s Mercedes.
Corbin had just left his lawyer and was leaving the parking, thinking of what woman would be acceptable to marry when bam! Teagan hits his car. As he talks to her, he sees her as the perfect candidate: she’s homeless, in despair from her breakup, and jobless. As she says, she’s already lost seven years following Drake around and waiting for his promise of marriage, why not two more years and the promise of funds to realize her dreams of a horse therapy farm?

From the get-go, this marriage was bound to succeed. There were little-known facts about Corbin and his company, and he was not just the aimless playboy he seemed to be. He had a darkness and bad temper, but Teagan was not a timid mouse and she called him on it. They had very vivid discussions and Corbin opened up slowly to Teagan. As their trust and openness improved, so did their attraction and the intimacy of their relation. I liked that Teagan made Corbin a better man and made him trust in himself. There was a little intrigue, a hateful and envious father, some close friends who provided a little help, and an ex-boyfriend who realized what he lost, too little too late. Corbin had some old scars from his father’s treatment and Teagan helped him deal with it.

This was a great and easy read. I liked both characters and loved how they got to where they were a couple, not just a business transaction. And I loved that Corbin had hidden depths and was not just a pretty man. Teagan was the same through the book, a great girl who loves too much but was a better person from it. She was mad at Drake but moved on with remarkable mental stability. She hurt because she had loved him for so long, but as she told Drake: you cheated so we are done. Corbin had a little problem with trust, and with Teagan learned to trust in love and in a woman’s love.

This was a refreshing read, one of those that leave you in a happy mood because you get all you like in a book, some humor, some angst, some sex and a lovely love story with a couple of remarkable characters. Really recommend!

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