Maverick – Karina Halle


Another great book from Karina Halle. This one was light-hearted and flirty, even thought both characters had issues. Maverick was fun and I loved his interactions with his brother Fox. They have a bet going on about who will cave in to a relation and leave the house. Again we meet with Chase and Rachel, Del (short for Delilah) and the rest of the family. We already knew that Mav was a manwhore and that he worked hard and partied hard. Here we see a little bit of the serious man hidden behind his fun persona.
Riley is the one with the heaviest baggage. The guy who was her best friend and the man she loved was also her co-worker in the Search and Rescue work. He was buried in snow during one of their missions, under an avalanche. She tried to save him but lost him to a pervasive coma. Since his parents blamed her, she moved away and tried to move on. That made her end up in North Ridge British Columbia, to work in Mav’s SAR (Search and Rescue) team, with Mav as her boss. North Ridge is a small town with aprox 10,000 inhabitants, but during winter people arrive in hordes to the sky lodges. A lot of people get lost or injured, either skiing, snowboarding, or climbing the Kokanee Iceberg, hence the need for the SAR team.
Riley is a temptation difficult for Maverick to resist, but the office has rules against inter-office relations so he holds firm. Riley is a flirt and she flirts shamelessly with Mav and she always tries to push her boundaries. Mav is seriously tempted by this minx. However, they face several problems. On Riley’s first night in town, she felt lonely and went to a bar, to drunk and slept with Neil, whom she later called Micropenis Neil, for obvious reasons. Next day, when she arrived to work, guess who was a co-worker? So, when Mav warns Neil about the rule, Neil warns Mav that he will be watching, too.
Notwithstanding, Riley pushes until she gets her man but her man has to deal with his issues about being committed to a girlfriend. Up to this moment, he’d never wanted to be tied to one woman. This time, he’s considering the notion. A catastrophe occurs that defies the strength of their union.
This book doesn’t have a complicated plot, it’s lighthearted even though there are several dramatic scenes pertaining to rescues, but it’s entertaining and heartfelt. Also, this author has a great writing style, it flows and is so easy to read, with no huge angsty issues, and a lot of sexy scenes. The feeling of family being important and supportive is present in this book as in the first one. Shane and Rachel are planning their wedding and it’s a fun time for all. The setting for Fox and Del’s book is also set, to make us wait impatiently for the next installment.

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