Trick – Laramie Briscoe


Great love story about three broken persons who get a chance to get love and redeem their loneliness and self-esteem. In this case, I include a little girl because she was so hurt by her father’s abandonment. This book is very heartfelt and feel-good, because you join them as they make the journey from broken to joyful and full of love. I read the book in one day, because I was that invested in their success.
Trick is an ex-con. He comes from a broken childhood, absent father and alcoholic mother. He was a wild kid, mouthy and angry. He had a stint in jail, when he was young, wild and rebellious, and a second charge for vandalism, now that he’s older and building his business, motorcycle mechanics. He’s was placed on probation and assigned to community work.
Hadley went through a horrible divorce, where her ex-husband not only left her devastated and broken, but her daughter too. Riley, at 6 years old, was depressed from the lack of attention and love from her father. Hadley went to the Companion Program, where kids who lack a parental image get an adult to give them that connection, and is paired with Trick. Hadley was warned that Trick had failed with two previous kids, because he’s very handsome and the mothers made unwelcome advances. This was Trick’s last chance or he would go back to jail.
I loved that first reunion. Riley was such a cute little girl, with her black tutu and pink Converse and the eyeglasses that rode down her nose all the time. The magic of Trick and Riley’s first meeting was cute. Trick arrived late and Riley called him on it. Trick was so open and apologetic and true with the little girl that she took to him. Hadley also took to him because he was just gorgeous. However, she was at the moment leery of men, so she didn’t act on her attraction. Likewise, Trick was attracted, but he knew he was on his last chance at probation, so he also held back.
During the book, they make several encounters. Trick had to meet with Riley for a total of 900 hours to complete his assignment, but after a while and with the way they connected, the three realize that they wanted much more than that. Trick falls in love with both Riley and Hadley. It was beautiful to see how Riley changes from a serious, sad and contained little girl to a joyful, chatty and lively little girl. Likewise, the love Trick gets from both his girls feeds his self-esteem and makes him want to be a better man for them. Hadley goes from a devastated and scared woman to an empowered one.
Of course, obstacles arise in their road but together they face and conquer. The only thing I found in the book was some repetition about their feelings, about the happiness of finding each other, conversations where they seek confirmation about what they are doing. It was not that repetitive that it was annoying and I guess the characters needed re-affirmation of their feelings and direction towards a family. It was a great read, very well written, some sexy scenes but not that many, and many happy moments of Riley and Trick. I’m very happy I found this book.

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