Saving Brad – Siobhan Davis


And we continue in this adventure of the Kennedy boys, this time with Brad, who is not a Kennedy, but as Tyler’s best friend, he is family to the Kennedy’s. In one of the first books of the series, Brad had faked a relation with Faye, Tyler’s girlfriend, to protect her from Addison. She’s one of the villains of the first few books. She was blackmailing Tyler and threatening Faye, so Tyler faked being in love with Addison until he could solve the situation. This provoked Brad to spend a lot of time with Faye and fall in love with her. This love triangle cause no end of problems, including a rift in the bromance between Tyler and Brad. Later on, Brad’s father is accused of a huge fraud and his family flee the country to prevent his father from imprisonment. Brad insisted on staying because he wanted to pursue his plans of Harvard and football. The Kennedy’s adopted Brad, and the nearness increased the tension between Tyler, Faye and Brad.

As we start this book, the trio are already in Harvard, Tyler and Brad renting an apartment, and Faye is about to move in with Rachel, one of her best friends. Rachel and Jill are Faye’s best friends from Ireland and have followed Faye to the US. Rachel had been showing behavior problems in previous books, a lot of drinking and promiscuousness, and had a showdown with Brad in the past. At the moment, they hate each other’s guts, even though they had a sex fest in the previous book.

Rachel arrives with a lot of problems. Even though her parents had won the lottery and are rich within their dreams, they split up and were acting crazy. She’s running from someone who hurt her badly but she’s not confiding in anyone, except Keven and only partially. She enlisted Kev’s help in shadowing someone’s action so she can feel safe. So we know she’s on the run and scared.

Brad has so many issues it’s a wonder he’s not going crazy. However, he’s doing good in his studies and in football. On the personal side, his life is imploding. News about his parents, feelings of loneliness, envying Tyler’s deep love with Faye, and his attraction to Rachel, even though all they do is fight and insult each other. Actually, in the first chapters of the book, I got annoyed with these two for their verbal warfare and thought it was juvenile. Then I remembered they are twenty year olds, and laughed because they are juveniles!! So Siobhan is doing a great job in portraying young adults conversation.

The book is very entertaining and riveting. This one felt more adventuresome and suspenseful than previous books, because of the danger chasing Rachel and the uncertainty surrounding Brad’s family situation. Plus the tension surrounding Brad’s feelings for Faye and Tyler. Lots of things happen and of course, our couple go from enemies to lovers into a very committed relation. They supported each other, helped each other out of scrapes, and had very hot sex scenes. Together they face all their challenges and come about a strong couple. The funny thing is, the book starts in warfare and ends in cheesiness. Love it!

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