Hold Tight – Alexa Riley


I’m not sure how to review. The story was short, straightforward, and fast. When I finished reading, I was left with a feeling of: that’s it? That was fast!

Royce (a.k.a. “Rolly”) comes from money and he attended an expensive private school and acquired two best friends there, Ezra and Donovan. When they got out of college they founded a consulting company and lived in a studio apartment that only had two mattresses on the floor. It’s not explained what they consult on, but I later figured it had to be with improving corporate efficiency or something similar.

Pandora is head of the security department of Osborne Corp. that her cousin Henry runs. Again, it’s not explained what this company does, only that Pandora has a bunch of incompetent employees, she inherited the post from her father and she works an eighty-hour workweek. She has a twin sister Penelope who seems to be a sweetheart and a best friend called Delilah, partner in bar hopping.

When Rolly and Pandora meet, Rolly fell instantly in love and resolved to make her his forever, Pandora kept running scared from him for a while. She was sassy, he was cocky. She was fiercely independent and he let her be herself and accepted her independence. As characters, they were entertaining, the little I got to enjoy.

The book is about the persecution and seduction of Pandora, then gets cheesy when it happens, the end. I get the feeling there are books before this one where the family business is explained but in this book it was unknown. Since this is my first book by these authors, I don’t have a lot to say, because I feel like I couldn’t get my teeth on a story. It felt more like an easy breezy flirty novella.

After I read the book, I checked out the authors and found in fact that they like to write short books, full of sassy women, smutty sex scenes and cheesy love. So I’d say this was an excellent example of their craft.

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