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After reading #1 Crush, I was expecting another crazy book, but Lila turned out to be more conventional than Tia. Even though her mother is the Madam in a Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, she seems pretty normal. The only effect you can observe from her upbringing is that she doesn’t do one-night stands. She always ends up attached, so she will only do relations. For that reason, she’s been on a drought of many months because boyfriend material is hard to find in New York. Lila works for the New York Times. She’s assigned to the Arts Department, and she feels constrained. She wants hardcore assignments like politics and social injustice but for the moment, she’s stuck in Art.

Ryan is Eric Larsson’s friend/chauffeur/companion. He’s always around in a dark SUV. In this book, this was the character I liked the best because he was fun, reliable, friendly, and was always in a playful mood. Lila had her issues and was not as fun as in the first book. There weren’t even the drunk feasts like in the first book, where Tia and Lila got so funny.

Lila’s boss wanted to use her contacts to infiltrate into a Hollywood gala and report. She refuses to violate her best friend’s trust, so she compromises on writing articles about Hollywood actors, their feelings, lifestyles, etc. So she flies to California, stays in Eric’s house where Tia is currently living and enlists Ryan’s help. Their constant companionship takes them from being friends, to lovers, and later to love. All the time Lila thinks this is a temporary fling, since she’s traveling back to New York after she’s done with her interviews.

All through the book I sensed there was a miscommunication between Ryan and Lila. I always thought that Ryan was falling for Lila, and to me it was evident in his actions. But Lila always thought that Ryan had a harem of women, sort of revolving door of visiting girls, and that she was just the latest on the list.

This book was not as crazy fun as the first book, yet it was heartfelt. I didn’t enjoy it as much, although the author’s writing style make it a very enjoyable book to read. It was more steamy and more angsty. The visit to Las Vegas was remarkable, I loved Lila’s parents. I also loved visiting with Tia and Eric again. The parts I liked the best were the interactions between Lila and her boss. His name is Richard and she would call him Dick and when he growled Richard, she would say, sorry, it won’t happen again. This same scene happens like five times in the book. It was always as much fun, and like Lila says, if they changed the script, they would both be disappointed. Lila was conventional but also a rebel in some things.

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