Cuffed – K Brombergh


36457132At first I wasn’t interested in reading this book because the blurb didn’t attract me.  Then I saw all the raving by other bloggers and readers and decided to dive in.  It was such a great read!!! I loved this book!  Great plot and great characters with an angsty twist, second chance romance, what’s not to like?

Emmy and Grant were childhood friends and next-door neighbors.  One day Emmy told Grant a secret and made him pinky-promise not to tell.  He did anyway, and Emmy was called by the school principal. As she left the schoolroom, she looked at Grant and told him: “I hate you, I never want to see you again.”  They were eight years old and this was the last time Grant saw Emmy.

Fast forward twenty years, Grant is a policeman studying to promote to detective and is doing the bar scene on the Fourth of July.  There was a rowdy group of girls calling for Officer Sexy and when he went to investigate, surprise, there was Emmy, who now insists on being called Emerson.  That was a great moment of both characters with eyes and mouth wide open!

Grant was relentless in pursuing Emmy, at least to be friends.  He had missed his best friend terribly and at the same time, he was apprehensive of what she had gone through the years they were apart.  We know Emmy was broken and had gone through a lot, but it’s not clear in the beginning.  All we see is that she’s closed off to feelings and the only one who can see her clearly is Desi, her best friend.  Both Desi and Grant push her to open up and share.

Grant was patient but pushy.  Emmy slowly opened up to him, but insisted on keeping her past a closed book for both.  Emmy was purchasing Blue Skies, a small airport with a parachuting school.  Likewise, Emmy was pushing Grant to trust her and jump tandem with her.  Impasse on both parts!

We slowly get to learn about the past of these two characters.  Grant feels a lot of guilt about his part in Emmy’s disappearance.  He struggles with knowing he did the right thing but also in being the reason why he lost his best friend.  He also struggles with his feelings because he had missed his friend so much and she was being stubborn.  Emmy was afraid to open up, to feel, and to bring back memories of a monster and a dark past.

There is a side plot that runs concurrent to the action of the book.  The side plot is not related to Emmy and yet affects the outcome.  It’s great because it brings front and center Grant’s feelings about Emmy.

This was truly a great read, the author did a great job developing the plot, keeping a great pace, and slowly opening up the memories of both characters and bringing them to the reader.  The use of flashbacks was great because it gave us important information about what happened in the past, without having to read it from the character’s dialogues. This book kept me glued to the Kindle until the end.  Great book!!

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