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36263993Great firemen story!  Dax Colyn is a second generation firefighter.  His father is the current Fire Chief in Willow Valley.  They also own a car restoration shop, and take great pride in their work.  At the moment, Dax’s father, Rowdy, is working on a car, called Charlie, with little Olivia.  Seven years ago, Rowdy was visiting a neighbor town and met Ava Anderson.  She had just lost her family in a house fire and she was pregnant and homeless.  He brought her to his house and gave her room and food until she got to her feet.  Then came baby girl Olivia and they stayed, becoming the daughter and granddaughter Rowdy had always wanted.  With Rowdy’s help, Ava studied and became a teacher.

Dax is a manwhore.  He frequents a bar called with his cronies from the fire station and they frequently take ladies home for one night stands.  One day he was in the auto restoration shop and Ava visits with little Olivia for another session of work on Charlie.  Rowdy had asked Ava to help Dax with his bum shoulder, product of an accident at a fire.  As they deal with the shoulder, they had a moment.  Rowdy interrupted, and Ava flees like she’s on fire.  But the desire was woken and it was difficult to resist.  Dax had always wanted Ava but she’s the relationship type, not the one stand type, which is all Dax wants.  Dax had seen his father devastated when his mother died, a shadow of the strong man he used to be.  Ava and Olivia were the force that brought him back to life.  However, Dax doesn’t want to fall in love and give a woman the power to destroy him like his father was because of losing the love of his life.

A terrible loss occurs during a fire, and Ava and Dax are devastated.  They console each other and Dax comes to rely on Ava.  This changes Dax’s mind about Ava and he wants to try a relation.

Ava has secrets that she doesn’t want to come out.  She wants to preserve a good reputation for the sake of her little girl.  Getting involved with Dax could cause people to gossip about her and thus harm Olivia.  So, Dax and Ava are in an impasse of sorts, where Dax now wants to try a relationship and Ava is reluctant.

Some trouble from Ava’s past come up and cause a lot of problems to the couple.  This time, Ava relies on Dax to help her overcome the crisis.  All the actions in the book serve to bring these two closer and form a family with Olivia.  Now Dax is even entertaining having more kids with Ava!  But first, many issues with Ava’s past must be resolved.

The story is entertaining and the characters are likable. Little Olivia is just precious, imagine a little girl who is a car restoration mini-wizard.  Even the guys at the garage were impressed by her knowledge, thanks to Rowdy and the many hours they spent fixing up Charlie.  By the way, Charlie the car was a he, not a she, as deemed by Olivia LOL.

The pace of the book was great, not too fast and not too slow.  All the plots and subplots were resolved.  Most of the readers loved Dax and found him sexy but the character I liked was Ava.  She was steady, kind, resolved, and at the last minute, brave defending the new life she found at Willow Valley.

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