Third Base – Stella


I just finished this book and I am still enjoying and reminiscing.  This was a beautiful book, excellently written by a new-to-me author.  It was thoughtful, heartful, full of tender moments and funny moments, completely entertaining, and heartening.  I don’t usually find friends to lovers plots convincing, but this is the best one I have ever read.  I fell for the characters and their love story.

Two friends who’ve known each other from birth, they were misfits in their school, Ellie was nerdy and Coby was a baseball jock.  They didn’t fit into any of the social groups in their school, so they were left alone to have lunch together.  They are each other’s support system.  Coby’s mother died in childbirth, so Ellie’s mother helped raise Coby.  Ellie’s father is like a second father to Coby.  They were neighbors, but were family in their hearts.  Their houses were equally homes to them.

In Coby’s case, you get the knowledge by his own musings, that he can’t breathe if he doesn’t have Ellie near.  However, high school is at an end, and Ellie is of to college and Coby is being watched by scouts for professional baseball potential.  Coby has social inadequacies, yet he is willing to face a life apart from Ellie because he knows she’s happy to go to college and he wants to play baseball.

This book depicts Ellie and Coby’s life as they transcur through college on Ellie’s part and professional baseball on Coby’s part.  Since Coby was drafted to the team in Alabama, their home state, Coby was able to buy a house and have Ellie stay with him.  Throughout the book, both indulge in dating separately; Ellie had a boyfriend for three years, and Coby dated during his baseball career.  Even so, the reader can note that they belong together.  They have a devotion,  a togetherness, they live for each other, but they are dumb ones and don’t realize it’s love of another kind, not brotherly.

They go through a lot of problems, adversity and friends.  Coby was never capable of getting to third base with other women, there was always a detail that put him off.  The only successful instance at sex he had, had been with Ellie at eighteen, when they decided to rid each other of their virginity, before starting on their new adult adventures.  Next day, it was back to normal and their usual best friend routine.  ET phone home!

Coby has professional obstacles to face, while Ellie has boyfriend problems to face.  An important character, Gage Nix, is instrumental in tieing the plot together.  I hope he gets his own book because he was a great character, cocky, obnoxious, but with a hidden heart of gold.

The path of the story is slow, thoughtful, meandering.  There are parts that I didn’t know why they were included, but later made sense.  Some dialogues are wicked funny, others were so full of devotion; the relation between Coby and Ellie is so intrinsic, so deep, so strong.  The greatest gesture in this book is their special greeting.  Since Ellie’s initials is E.T., they do the Phone Home dialogue a lot and do the index fingers touching, like the ET alien little guy.  Whenever they do this, it strengthens their hold, means everything is good with them.

A truly sweet book, only two sex scenes (thank you, author!!), and not one, but two epilogues!

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