Breaking Hollywood – Samantha Towle


The best part of this book was Gucci the goat! I loved this crazy funny pigmy goat and her wardrobe! Apart from this, it’s a Hollywood story, with a hot bad boy and funny Ava, who broke his foot with a little lightweight car LOL.

The day the book starts, Ava was just fired from her job. Some days prior, she had broken up with her boyfriend, but that was no big loss. And as of the next day, she was also going to be homeless. Seemed like to much for a woman to take, so she understandably broke up when she left her ex-job and got into her mini car. She gave reverse and felt a bump in the parking floor. Funny, she didn’t know there was a bump and looked and saw she had stepped on a guy!

Like the responsible person she is, she got out of the car and wow! It was Hollywood’s bad boy Gabriel Evans. Except he was no darling. Foul mouthed, sarcastic and annoying, they bickered all the way to the hospital, during their stay in the hospital, while his little brother the doctor treated him, and after he was released, all the way to his apartment, where she was going to watch for him. Since she was jobless, she offered to help him while he had the boot, as that was the least she could do. They kept up the insults, but it turned into a game they both enjoyed. Then comes the surprise of Gucci’s appearance. Since Ava was evicted from her apartment for having a goat, Gabe decided to accept the goat into his house. The goat was more entertaining than any animal, especially the morning Gucci decided to headbutt him for a while until Ava came to the rescue.  I loved all the clothes Gucci wore, like the fruity pajamas and the tigersese coat.

Gabe was Ava’s crush from the first time she saw one of his movies. After she saw how nasty he could be, she lost her crush. But as days go by, and she realized that beneath the crusty exterior lies a decent person, she starts to appreciate him. Likewise, Gabe likes that Ava gives as good as she gets and doesn’t take crap from him. Really, their dialogues sometimes seemed like two six-year olds bickering. They were very entertaining.

Things heat up and they get cozy. But then information from Gabe’s past comes up that could harm his reputation. Ava has no way of proving she wasn’t the informer. But she has friends who support her and they rally around her to help. Gabe is fast to get mad but also fast to get repentant. Ava has one big word to describe her: kind. She is kind, understanding, quirky and loves her goat like it was her family.

This was an even-keeled book, where we don’t get angsty scenes that make you cry, but it’s a very entertaining book about two crazy persons who are perfect for each other, together with the fantastic Gucci. And the smexy scenes were crazy good too!

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