The Outliers – TM Frazier


So, we finally have the sequel to The Outskirts. The first book didn’t exactly finish in a cliffhanger because we did have our HEA, but there was unfinished business with Sawyer’s father, the evil Richard Dixon. He was a menace about to happen because his church was about to hit town and there was no doubt in Sawyer’s mind that it was deliberate, and he would come looking for her.

There was another huge surprise at the end of The Outskirts, and that was that Sawyer’s mom, Caroline was alive and that’s where we the readers were left hanging. And that’s where this book starts. Her mother had been alive and living in Critter’s home all this time. Sawyer didn’t know whether to be happy, angry or sad. But that was her mom right in front, so she couldn’t help but go give her a hug. Except, her mom wasn’t behaving right. Turned out, all her tribulations had affected her mind and she was suffering from some kind of PTSD and her mind was not all there all the time, but reverted back to twenty years ago.

In this book, Sawyer and Finn are already an established couple, so the plot deals mostly with Sawyer reconnecting with her mother and learning who exactly was Richard Dixon and how it all related. In a rare moment of clarity, Caroline told Sawyer her whole story, from being raised on the church, promised to Richard, escaping to the Outskirts and meeting Critter. Everything Sawyer thought she knew about herself turned out to be a lie, that her mother perpetrated to keep Sawyer safe while living in the church community. Even Sawyer’s name is related to the Outskirts. There’s a lot of information given to Sawyer, enough to overwhelm anyone.

The Church of Light finally arrives in town and Sawyer and Caroline are heavily guarded by Finn, Critter and all their friends Josh and Miller. One woman from the church, the only person Sawyer considered a friend within the church, makes contact with Sawyer and leaves her a strange clue related to Richard Dixon. Sawyer wanted to help her get out but she remained loyal to her husband, even with the abuse.

sI don’t want to spoil the action in this book. Suffice to say that Finn and Sawyer get closer as a couple, Sawyer learns about her true parentage, and faces the danger that Richard Dixon presents. They surge stronger at the end, and everyone is together and happy, the end.

The book was riveting and suspenseful. With every page turn, I expected the bad guy to pounce, so I kept turning pages fast. Everything, and I mean everything is connected at the end, even names, the author did a great job in all the inter-connections. There was a great scene I liked where Miller was sick and Josh was taking care of him that was hilarious. Miller was such a whiney baby. With tender scenes, sexy scenes, funny scenes, the author wrote a book that was very entertaining. I told my daughter about the plot of the story and she said it sounded very far-fetched. And yet, the author made it sound so normal and real, I guess this is the gift of writers, make a far-fetched story sound believable and have us enjoy it.

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