Rock Solid – Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde


A very sweet, old-fashioned love story. An upstanding man, with good reputation, good job, successful, from good family and upbringing. Connor’s returning from a business trip and is detained in Denver on the way to his hometown Chicago. There’s a snow storm coming and his flight was postponed. He meets a woman at the airport that attracts him immediately. There’s something sexy and sad about her and her big brown eyes. When he goes to find something to eat, the only seat available is next to her, so they share a meal and she shares her sorry story.

Katie went to Denver to surprise her boyfriend of eight months, to see if she could give a boost to their failing romance. She was the one who got surprised when she found a woman in his room. Now she’s reassessing her bad luck and bad choices in men. She sees Connor as a rebound screw, one night of pleasure with no names and no phone numbers. Connor is a relationship guy, he likes to get to know the woman he sleeps with, enjoy the intimacy, etc. but he made an exception with Katie. They have a night full of pleasure and next morning, she disappeared on him, only leaving a note.

Fast forward three years and she sees an article about him and his realty business. The article gives his information so she contacts him and gives him a big surprise: you have a three-year old daughter. Since Connor is a stand up guy, he immediately wants to know his little girl, he wants to get involved in her life and assume his responsibilities. I loved the scene when he meets Val, his baby girl. She has huge blue eyes, just like his, and looks just like his sister when she was that age. He’s enthralled with his daughter, just like with Katie.

Katie came from a divorced family. Her parents divorced when she was four, and were involved in years of litigation, using her as a pawn. They weren’t fighting for her because they loved her but because they wanted to punish the other parent. Because of this, Katie doesn’t have a good view of marriage and her previous relations that crashed and burned have made her extra wary of getting involved with another man. She is falling in love with Connor and is glad to obtain a family for her daughter and herself but her doubts keep her from accepting the love of this man.

The book is predictable but very well written and with great pace. I found it a little meh because here is no angst or strong emotional content, just a woman who needed a kick in her butt to realize that if she didn’t act, she could very well lose the best partner she could ever hope for. There’s Connors’ parents, his sister and husband, and Katie’s friend, Avery with her daughter Leah who is Val’s best friend. They all form a circle of supportive friends who give a family sense to the story. Connor calls his daughter every day at the same hour, just before her bath time and chats with her for a while. The constancy goes a long way to establish love in the little girl. All this actions point to a rock solid man with good intentions. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy and charming too. Great story, family values.

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