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I had read this author a long time ago, and had forgotten about the series. This book is about the second generation of The Devil’s Share rock band. I am excited to revisit old friends. I liked her style. Since this is part of a series, and although it can stand alone, there’s a lot of details about Landry’s family that would have added richness to the story.

Landry is a fifth-year resident in General Surgery at a hospital in Florida. She’s run ragged but that’s normal for her residency. She took a break, directed by one of her aunts, and went to see a show of a rising rock band, Clashing Swell. She liked the look of the drummer, crazy and talented and he seemed to like her too, because he kept looking at her on the side-wing of the stage. After the show they ran away to a cleaning closet and had a little sex fest, then they went to Landry’s apartment and had a sexathon. They had incredible chemistry and got along well when they were not in bed. Such was their chemistry that they decided to keep on banging each other until Brody left for his band’s year-long tour, handled by Landry’s family, the owners of RiffRaff Entertainment.

During these weeks of the fling, you could see how things got deeper and more meaningful. Not surprising because Brody was young but a very decent guy and Landry was a workaholic but loved the sex and the company. Then, bang, Landry is pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is. Three days before she started sleeping with Brody, she had slept with her ex-douche boyfriend, and broken with him on the same day when she caught him cheating.

The book is fraught with the struggle of both these special persons. Landry had the conflict of not knowing which was the father, the douche ex, who was also an attending surgeon at her hospital, or Brody, who was leaving soon on a world-wide tour. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the ex, even less having to be nice to him for the next eighteen years of co-parenting, and she was falling for Brody but he was just getting started in his career and had a lot of living to do. Brody was twenty-three to Landry’s twenty eight years old, so that was another factor.

Once Brody learns that Landry is pregnant but the baby might not be his, he has the struggle of what to feel, what to do. He’s also falling for Landry, and he would love to have a baby with her. He would be there for her and the baby. If the baby wasn’t his….. he wasn’t sure what he would feel.

I loved that a lot of the plot is done through text messages. They were so cute in their texting, and from the start you could see there was feeling, not just lust. Landry’s family is big, dysfunctional and interfering. She had a hard time keeping them at bay so they wouldn’t learn of the situation. Brody’s band members were supporting and gave him the space to deal with the situation and gave him a hard time when he had doubts about loving a baby that was not his.

Landry had to deal with a hard pregnancy, lots of throwing up, dehydration, a demanding job, and if it wasn’t for Brody, it would have been impossible to do. There were lots of drama, lots of laughs, lots of cute, sexy and funny texting, and decent-length love scenes. Thank you author, for not subjecting me to ten-pages love scenes, but rather developing an awesome love story about an awesome couple.

Great book, great characters, great big family. Reading the previous books would have added to the experience, but this book really stands alone because the characters are that great.

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