Bodyguard – CD Reiss


This author is brilliant…
This author never bores me…
I love this author’s language. She writes short sentences. Her style is almost like staccato, and she doesn’t use the flowery, lyrical prose that other authors use in describing places, smells, colors, etc. She just states the most important things, like Craftsman’s style house, or stylish condo, etc. No excessive words are used, yet she gives excellent ambience for the scenes she writes. Her emphasis is front and center her characters and we meet them intimately, their strengths, vulnerabilities, feelings and we understand their actions because we understand them.

I loved this book because she wrote these two great characters. I especially loved the beginning because I got such a great sense of Emily. She wanted to do something, she went and did it. The end. She like Darlene and they made a great team and great mischief. So they were friends. The fact that Darlene comes from a different social class made no difference to Emily. Emily is great. Her love was gymnastics and Darlene’s was singing. When Emily’s knee was busted in a practice, she changed to dance, so they made a great dance and singing duo.

Fast forward to when they are in Hollywood and Darlene is a star and Emily isn’t, she’s Darlene’s choreographer. She fell by way of an abusive boyfriend, and when he got a restraining order, he turned into a stalker. Now Emily lives like a secluded princess, within closed walls and high gates, and with strict security. Yet, she has Darlene, her bestie, and Simon, Darlene’s lifter in choreography, and she’s ok.

Enter Carter Kincaid, a new bodyguard in Darlene’s security service, ex-LAPD. “He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen, and I’d seen a lot of gorgeous men. Nice scruff. Blinding blue eyes. Gray linen suit. Precisely untidy dark hair. “ See what I mean? Excellent description without being flowery. One day, Emily was late to practice and tried to enter the rehearsal building through the rear and she was tackled by Carter. Because she was carrying a gun that turned out to be fake.

Carter: “Why would you carry a fake gun? “
Emily: “Because I couldn’t get a license to carry a real one.”

This cemented my love for this book and it didn’t let me down until the end.

Even with their instant attraction, they didn’t act on it until Emily’s stalker upped his game and Carter’s protective instincts geared high. However, Carter guards his privacy fiercely and doesn’t let anyone enter. Emily sort of forces herself into his private life, but she’s always encountering fences. Meanwhile, there’s a stalker making small moves but enough to make Emily and friends worry. Precautions are taken, Emily gets to know Carter’s family but it’s slow going and for me, wonderful. They have a lot of back and forth, but Emily is forthright on what she wants. It’s Carter, who wants to protect his son and at the same time protect Emily and sometimes, he needs to establish his priorities and act accordingly. He has a constant struggle and I loved how the author presents his vulnerability to his love for his son and yet, the need to be a man and be with a woman he is beginning to love. The process was brilliantly described by this author and I loved every minute of this journey. There’s a nice surprise towards the end that ties everything up nicely and makes you understand a lot about Carter’s actions.

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