Bad at Love – Karina Halle


Delicious, is what this book is. Two lovely characters, a little broken but enchanting. This is a friends to lovers book but very convincing because IMO they were in love all the time. I think they were just unsure of pursuing the love and afraid of losing the beautiful friendship they had.

Marina and Laz first meet when Marina and Naomi assisted to their friend Jane’s band show. They were friends with Jane, who was the drummer. Laz was the singer and songwriter, and Jane’s stepbrother. Marina was instantly attracted to Laz but Jane put the kibosh on the attraction, telling Marina that Laz is a manwhore. So Marina settled for second best, being his best friend, platonic.

Four years later, Laz is a serial dater. He dates a woman for one to three months, then breaks up and takes up with another. He always takes the blame and is sad about the break up, then uses the break up woes as creative fuel for his poems. Marina has problems retaining a guy. By the time she gets to the third date, something happens that the guy disappears, never to be seen again. It has gotten to a stage that she’s extremely nervous when the third date comes around.

Laz adores Marina, she’s quirky, clumsy and adorable. His nickname for her is Bumble. She’s a beekeeper and is passionate about bees. After one very hilarious and disastrous third date, Laz decides to give Marina dating advice. Likewise, Marina thinks Laz should man up and get into a relationship that lasts, not use it for creative material once it breaks up.

They decide to fake date, so Laz can monitor Marina’s behavior and point out mistakes.  These fake dates were hilarious because all they did was bicker like children.  But what happened in time is that they succumb to the love that is deep within their souls for each other. They have several family situations in which they support each other. Their friends act like it was about time they did something about the love vibes they always had. The most surprised about the love that developed were Marina and Laz themselves. They’re a little broken up, but Laz is worse. Both their fathers are alcoholics. Marina’s father killed her mother in a car accident, drunk driving. He went to jail for some time, and is still alcoholic after his jail stint. Laz’s father left him and his mother placed him in a boarding school. He hardly saw her during his school years. This caused abandonment issues in Laz and this affects the relation with Marina, especially when he learns the truth of his father’s abandonment.

I loved that through all the book, Laz loved Marina and was devoted to her. I felt he was biding his time for when she was ready to be with him. He had his doubts about being good at love, about being good enough for her, but his feelings were deep and sincere. Marina was the best character. She was sweet and funny and kind and joyous. Her passion about bees was heartfelt and at times hilarious, especially when she did the bee waggle dance. Even though her father was responsible for her mother’s death, she still helped him recover. She had a big heart and was always first in line when a friend or Laz needed help. When Laz had problems, she rushed to his side. Even with the funny moments, this story was very romantic, sweet and tender.

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