The Bachelor Contract – Rachel Van Dyken


Ok, I need somebody to explain this book to me, because it didn’t make a lot of sense. This couple married when they were very young, college age. Brant and Nikki. His grandfather opposed the marriage because they were too young, her parents disowned her when she married him. I didn’t understand why her parents disowned her because they were poor at the moment but he had a trust fund and he stood to inherit a great deal of money.

They married anyway and were very happy for a short time. Then they got pregnant, and received a double whammy. She lost the baby during the second trimester. They were both devastated but didn’t know how to give each other support and were having a bad time, fighting and blaming themselves and each other. Then there was a fire and Nikki lost her sight. Something happened right after that, and Brant ended up abandoning Nikki.

Four years after, Brant is living addicted to booze and whoring in order to endure living. He’s nasty, bitter, angry and the only way he can exist is drunk. He’s a nasty piece of business, and a jerk to everyone.

There’s a bachelors action and Nikki assists and bids on Brant and wins him. He’s furious with her and bails on his promise for one date and sends her a check to reimburse her. She only went because Nadine, his grandfather’s girlfriend forced her under threat of losing her job. This incident didn’t make any sense at all to me in terms of the plot.

Enter his grandfather and his girlfriend and they force Brant to go work at a hotel Nadine just purchased so he can evaluate and make suggestions on improving the service. Brad decides to clean up, get sober, and use this as a chance to start living again. Except that when he arrives there, he finds a very funny situation. The hotel administrator Cole, acts very funny around him, and somewhat hostile. Brant requests a massage to evaluate the hotel spa and the arrangements are weird. Cole tells Brant the masseuse is mute. The masseuse is Nikki. She has been working in the hotel as masseuse since the divorce and her best friend is Cole. He’s the one who picked up the pieces after the devastation Brant caused and she’s now moved on and living somewhat happily. In order to protect Nikki from Brant, Cole tells Nikki that the client is deaf. This way Cole ensures that Brant receives the service but they don’t interact. However, they connect on a cellular level because they are turned on by each other, something that hadn’t happened since they had broken up. Huh?

Eventually they discover each other because Brant got addicted to the massages. Cole and the other hotel employees are very protective of Nikki and place obstacles so Brant can’t get near Nikki Whenever they see each other, Brant behaves like a douche and yet, they do sleep together. Then Brant does his douche act again and leaves her to get to the lobby on her own, with great difficulty because she’s blind (he forgot!).

Really, he was so nasty that I didn’t see any redeeming qualities in him, and yet Nikki is still in love with him and sees his behavior as a man hurting? From his musings we know he’s in a world of hurt and devastation, but he seems to take it out on everyone, including Nikki.

Then Brant’s family arrive, his brothers with their wives, his grandfather and girlfriend Nadine, the owner of the hotel. They rally around Brant, try to help him get the girl, tease him no end and place bets on all the possible outcomes as Brant bumbles through his efforts. By this time, he is changing into a caring man, and we start to see the man who is hurting, who was devastated, who feels he is not worthy of her, who failed her, who feels guilty of her current blind condition, and of her dead baby. All the worries of the world!!

I saw Brant as a douche and Nikki as a doormat. The book is a little over the top dramatic. But the family dynamics were hilarious. I read the book in a semi baffled state because some of the situations were so weird. I think the author was trying to be funny but I didn’t get the joke. Even though parts of the plot baffled me, and Brant frequently annoyed me, the story was riveting. Halfway through the book, when Brant was no longer a douche but a man who wanted to face his demons, purge his guilt and make things right for Nikki, then the story got good and I liked it much more.

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