Inseparable – Siobhan Davis


This book is a vein cutter! All the emotions, all the romantic book tropes, they are all here. I was in shock for a while after reading this book and had to think and process before writing my review. This is drama at its highest point.

It all started with two boys and a tomboy girl who were inseparable. The awesome threesome! To the point that when they were eight years old they made a pact of being friends forever and they sealed it with their blood. Years later, when they were more sophisticated, they gave permanence to their bond with identical tattoos in the form of an infinity symbol on their wrists. Devin and Angelina were the daredevils so they were all gung-ho to skip school and get the tattoos. Ayden was reluctant, but they badgered him until he caved in. This shows the typical interactions of their trio.

It was a beautiful friendship but as with all perfect things, it had to end sometime. In the case of Devin, Angelina and Ayden, it happened when they were teens and their hormones were too high to control.

Devin and Angelina were in love, like always. Even though Dev always showed his devotion to Ange, there was always some level of separation, plus he was a manwhore around high school, which hurt Angelina no end. Ayden was more of the stoic type, serious and a rule follower. He was equally devoted to Angelina and Devin. I knew there was a triangle in the making and I knew that the real bond would be Ange and Dev and Ayden would be a runner up.

There were things going on with Devin and he seemed to be in a downward whirl. Sometimes he would get very close to Ange, supplicant for her love and attention, then Ayden would barge in and scold, and Dev would float away to another party, to another girl, and to another bender. Until one day all the situations come to an implosion and there is a re-arrangement of the awesome threesome. There is anger, recrimination, separation and a world of hurt.

I don’t want to spoil the plot of the book, but suffice to say that we are subjected to several plot twists, a lot of angst, and a lot of anguish in all three of them. The emotions are explosive, the action is like a freight train with no brakes, and I was riveted and surprised.
About the characters: I liked Devin and felt for him; I suspected his home life was crappy with a mother gone absent and an alcoholic father. The fact that he and his little brother Lucas dined every night in Ange’s house was a sign of something rotten in their house. Ayden was like a plodding horse. He was good in studies, good in football, devoted, serious, good. Ayden was the all American boy to Devin’s bad boy. I liked him so-so, he wasn’t as exciting as bad boy Devin.

And then Angelina. At first she was a fantastic girl. Vivacious, a leader, mischievous, loving. She loved Devin from afar, was hurt by his many pickups, but was a good friend for him and his little brother always. Her emotional support were Ayden and Mariah. Then when things got sticky she started to make bad decisions. Once she started, she kept making one bad decision after the other, to the point that on the last plot twist, she went into a place that disgusted me. I thought she was too far down in a hole for salvation, and frankly, this far in the book I didn’t see any of the sweet girl we saw in the beginning of the book. I felt some actions were not redeemable and Devin was a saint to stick around. This last part of the story was a little over the top dramatic for my taste, and there were some disgusting parts, however, the plot picked up, the characters got true to form and a lovely love story was completed.

Siobhan’s books are always fun to read because they don’t have one single plot, they have several sub-plots, or in this case, several plot-twists. Her writing intrigues and entertains, and there’s no way the reader is unaffected by the characters and their dramas. I read it in one day!

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