The Right Direction – Kathy Coopmans


This book has a lot of darkness, violence and sex, apart from a very strong love story. This is a second chance love story, since the couple were foster children from very young up to senior year of high school. Then Roman left to pursue his dreams of being a rock star, and Joslyn stayed to pursue her dreams of studying at the University of Michigan. Even though they were supposed to stay in contact and get together again after she finished University, a tragedy happened that split them apart and it’s not until eleven years later that they meet again.

Roman was thrown in prison for attacking a paparazzo. He’s just in the throes of divorcing his wife who is a supreme bitch when the slimy jerk asked him a question about Joslyn. He never shares information about Joslyn. Never ever. So when the paparazzo mentions Joslyn, he knows his ex-wife must have found the information about the only woman he’s ever loved and fed it to the press. He went postal and got thrown in prison. Since he fired his lawyer when he realized the lawyer never submitted the prenup that allowed his ex to wipe him out, he’s sitting there, stubbornly refusing the court-appointed lawyer. And guess who arrived to help him out? Joslyn, who is now a flaming lawyer in the city of Los Angeles.

There are several conflicts in this story. Roman has a hate relation with Hollywood. He hates all it represents, the relentless pursuit of the press, the many made-up stories, the make-believe world of appearances, and the viciousness of the fans when they find their prey. When he finds Joslyn, and knows the press if going to have a field day with her, he went into full blast protective mode, bodyguard, brought her to his home, didn’t want to let her leave.

He has a hate relation with his ex-wife Gwen. After he lost contact with Joslyn, he went into a frenzy of women and booze, but always kept away from the press. Then at a photo shoot, he met the photographer’s assistant. He married the woman because she appeared so sweet and next-door girl nice, but she changed into a barracuda who was never satisfied, no matter what Roman gave her. She cheated and he served her divorce papers and she started up a tweet storm against Roman and Joslyn.

In the middle of all this storm, the paparazzi are pursuing them everywhere, Joslyn is stubbornly insisting on continuing to work, and Roman is insistent on them having some time apart and alone to re-establish their second chance.

There’s an element of danger because there seems to be someone trying to hurt Joslyn, too. The feeling you get is that there is a maelstrom of violent feelings, of lust and love from Roman to Joslyn, and of hate and revenge from Roman to Gwen. His emotions run all over the place, and they are all expressed with a lot of passion and violence.

There was one element of joy and positiveness, related to Joslyn and her past, but I don’t want to spoil the happy moment for the readers. Just know that it’s there and it’s a tear-jerker moment.

I felt a lot of darkness in this book. I felt that the author wrote in circles, going back and forth in present and past stories, and it was a little confusing. Also, she spent a lot of time in her characters’ heads, expressing their emotions in a very passionate manner, violent when it was Roman’s thoughts. I read a lot of repetition about their issues and feelings and resolutions. Also, Roman spent most of the book with an erection, and he was thinking about sex, talking about sex, planning sex, Skyping sex and sexting. And the sex scenes were miles long. I didn’t get the feeling that the characters grew or dealt with issues, more like rollercoaster over them. The overriding story of this book was the lasting love between Roman and Joslyn, how sad and guilty they felt about their separation years ago, yearning about how life could have been if they had dealt with issues head on at that time, and the resolution that their someday was here to stay and they would defend their love no matter what.

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