Crave – Shanora Williams


Forbidden love, sneaky love, Sundays spent in a hotel room having monkey sex. This is what this couple had, a work relation where he was the boss, the owner of an architectural firm, and she was his executive assistant. At work, he worked hard and long hours, and she was competent and efficient. Then Sundays would arrive and they would feed into the craving they had for each other.
This book is a novella, so there’s no room to get really deep into the plot, but enough that we see that Judas is obsessed with Jenna but keeps it closed, confidential, away from his family. His parents came from a blue-collar environment, made it rich and now are pretentious and want to marry Judas to a rich family heiress to improve their social and financial position. Judas is strategizing to improve the company’s finances but is still doing a song and dance to keep his family and Jenna apart and appeased. The only problem is that Jenna has fallen hard for Judas and wants more, and seeing Judas court the woman chosen by his parents to marry is not sitting well with her.
So the story starts with a steamy Sunday frolic but continues into the deepening of what was initially a sex fling into something more. Jenna is understandably insecure about her standing with Judas and the disapproval of his parents is not very reassuring.
The book is entertaining with hot, steamy sex and a couple who didn’t know they loved each other until things got sticky. It doesn’t go very deep but it does get the job done in presenting all the issues of a couple from very different walks in life and how they overcome the obstacles that separate them. Hot and sweet!

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